This Is A Flower From One Of My Sweet Potato Plants

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I think this flower of my sweet potato plants is very beautiful. Two years ago I bought some sweet potatoes from the 99 Cent Only Store.

What happened is that I never got around to eating them, then they started to root. Well I just planted them in a big pot. Then right before the freeze I harvested them. I got more sweet potatoes.

Then I stored those sweet potatoes. Then I never got around to eating them. Then they rooted out again. So this year I planted them again. Then I noticed this flower and took the picture.

It is a good thing that I did that, cause the next day that same flower was missing. Maybe a skunk ate it. Well at least I have a picture of this flower that will hold its beauty as long as the internet and Steemit survives.

I notice that this flower is a trumpet like flower. The word trumpet reminds me of Trump the president of the United States. Just like the flower that came into my garden by different means, so did Trump come into the White House.

To me Trump is an outsider that the deep state did not even plan for. Trump is reversing a lot of things that the deep state took years to put in place.

That is good cause I don't like the deep state. The deep state want to get rid of all the people. You even have Bill Gates talking about if they work are enough and use their vaccines that the population numbers will go down.

Yes, I heard him say something like that from a video of a TED talk. It is all the same, they have to spray us with their chemtrails that put nano aluminum into our brains. This nano aluminum is a know neurotoxin. Can you imagine all the havoc it is doing to the common people?

What about the kids? Their is so much neurotoxins in the children's brains that they are getting mental diseases. Notice how Autism is going up? I mean is that not planned by the deep state?

That is not enough for them though. Here in California governor Brown signed a bill that makes it hard for a child to not get shots if they want to go to public school, that have even more neurotoxic metals in them.

Can you imagine that if they get the next generation of kids to have mental problems, they would have a good excuse to forbid them from having guns?

The deep state always wants to take the guns away from the people. They make the excuse that we need to take away the guns from the people, cause guns causes people to shoot other people.

Of course that would be a lie, right? What they really need you to do is get angry at the gun and not the person that would shoot the innocent.

I would rather all people have guns cause that way no one person will get into a school and go on a killing rampage without someone else defending themselves and shooting back.

You see they don't want the people to defend themselves. They don't want a chance of a militia forming to fight back against a tyrannical government. Well, the deep state are tyrannical.

Can you imagine if the witch that does witchcraft, Hillary would have been elected? Well I guess people like me would be put into the FEMA camps. Yes, Hillary Clinton is deep state.

She even got emails of someone talking about sacrificing to Moloch. Of course in those emails they talk in code. So when they say they are going to sacrifice a chicken they really mean they are going to sacrifice an infant.

That is so sick. I can hardly wait for Attorney General Sessions to drop the hammer on the 50,000 plus sealed indictments.

I know a lot of them will be for them deep state sacrificing code word "chickens." Very sick. Get them Posdesta brothers, Sessions and give them what they deserve.

OK, so I seem to get off my original topic again. Let's get back to the flower that looks like a trumpet. It is a very beautiful flower and very delicate.

I will look forward to finally eating some of my sweet potatoes at harvest time. I will pick them right before the first frost.

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Thank you, David.
Image is mine taken with my Moto G.

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I like this flower ... very beautiful.

Wow I didnt know sweet potato plants had flowers. Thats really interesting.
Have a nice weekend :)


Thank you very much @hanen!

I never knew that sweet potato has such beautiful blossoms. You are right, it is delicate flower

I am just curious. Do white and red sweet potatoes have the same flower colour?


That I do not know. I tried to google it, but I didn't get anything. I do find that if you are growing potatoes that if you want the potatoes bigger you want to pull out the flower as more of the plants energy will go to the flower rather than the potato.
Thank you @jeanwandimi!

Muy bueno tu post y no sabía que las plantas de patatas daban esas flores tan lindas. Te felicito y que tengas muchos éxitos.-