The Deep Onion Airdrop As Your Personal Investment Fund

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Developers of new cryptocurency projects have developed new ways to attract and keep investors. One of the most popular systems right now is the airdrop with earning capabilities. You must apply for the airdrop to be eligible. There is a requirement that you must have a minimum amount of coins and those coins will earn a percentage every week until the airdrop is finished.

The 16th Deep Onion airdrop adopted the system described above. The current rules to join the airdrop are very simple. You must have 100 Onion coins as a minimum requirement in your airdrop wallet. You must also make 5 quality posts per week in the Bitcointalk forum and 3 in the official Deep Onion forum. Each post must be at least 50 characters long. You can visit the Deep Onion website for more details about the rules.

Each airdrop participant will get a percentage corresponding to the number of coins in his wallet. There are several factors that can affect the earning percentage in the Deep Onion airdrop. One example is the total number of airdrop participants for that week. For the past weeks since the new airdrop rules were adopted, the average return for the Deep Onion airdrop is between 5% to 7% of your total coins per week.

This airdrop earning is compounded week after week. Assuming you don’t withdraw any coins, your 100 coins will earn as follows:

Original coins = 100 Onions
1st week, 7 coins earned, total coins is 107
2nd week, 7.5 coins earned, total coins is 114.5
3rd week, 8 coins earned, total coins is 122.5
4th week, 8.58 coins earned, total coins is 131.08

After one month, your original investment of 100 Onion coins has earned around 30%. If the price of Deep Onion increases in the market, that is an added bonus for you. The valuation of your cryptocurrency in dollar equivalent will also increase. All the while, you will keep receiving that approximately 30% every week until the 40th Deep Onion airdrop.

The Deep Onion airdrop acts like your personal investment fund earning around 20% to 30% per month. The risk is minimal if you only invest 100 Onions. You can even get those 100 Onions for free through Deep Onion’s DeepPoints and bounty programs. The more Onion coins you buy for your airdrop wallet, the greater the returns you will get. Of course your corresponding risk also increases as in any other type of investments if you increase your holdings.

For a cryptocurrency coin distribution system that acts like an investment fund with fantastic returns, the Deep Onion airdrop could be the very best out there right now.

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Another killer article. I love the airdrop and wish I was eligible right form the start. Better late than never !