DeepOnion - The Next Cryptocurrency That Will Reach The Moon

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The Next Big Cryptocurrency That Will Reach the Moon  

In the last few days, the atmosphere in the DeepOnion community has been electrifying. This resulted from the most recent round of airdrops and released statements about the upcoming DeepVault feature. If you got some Onions during the last airdrop, I say congratulations!    Here is also a recent video I made explaining more about DeepOnion and what it has to offer:

As we progressed on this journey, it is quite clear and encouraging that skeptics are beginning to see the potential of this great innovation as the next big thing. With the coin gradually attaining market growth, its performance on Nova Exchange and great anonymity features, DeepOnion will probably compete favorably with traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoins in the near future. Massive strength will be drawn from DeepOnion’s privacy features which several crypto-investors have found interesting.  

DeepOnion has demonstrated a lot of potentials since getting listed on Nova Exchange. This has kept the development team motivated and on their toes, making the future outlook quite encouraging. Although there had been periods of ups and downs, the performance of the Onions has been quite remarkable for a new entrant. For instance, the Onion gained up to 500% within a week of its listing, it also became a top gainer some weeks back, hitting $1.18. At the time of writing this piece, Onions trade for around $0.82, this is not bad compared with $0.53 just 4days ago. The trend has shown resilience over time. Overall, the Onions have surpassed the achievements of more recent ICOs even without crowdfunding.  

Traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have privacy-related flaws which many crypto-investors find challenging. Several thefts and other forms of privacy invasion have been reported with these cryptcoins. Some of these unfortunate events have resulted in huge losses on the part of crypto-investors. To plug this hole, several alternate coins were developed. As a result, the cryptospace saw privacy-based coins such as Monero, ZCash and Dash entering the market to address the situation. Although, this has been achieved to a degree, attaining total anonymity is far from being perfect in the case of ZCash and Dash. In September 2017, a blockchain analysis company, Blocksci, announced in a white paper how they were able to successfully trace both ZCash and Dash transactions. This gives credence to earlier skepticisms about the anonymous nature of these altcoins.  

DeepOnion is a Tor-integrated cryptocurrency. This means all transactions are based on the Tor anonymity network. This is one way DeepOnion is revolutionizing cryptocurrency transactions. DeepOnion transactions will remain anonymous for as long as DeepOnion exists! While Monero transactions are yet to be traced, it is not tor-integrated and time will tell whether this coin will maintain its anonymous nature for long. To further prevent traceability of transactions, a DeepSend feature is expected to be added to DeepOnion’s existing features any time soon. This will enable a multi-signature method to hide transaction routes.  

The idea of DeepOnion was conceived to serve many purposes and fill several voids beyond making truly anonymous cryptocurrency transactions possible. DeepOnion users will be able to use the blockchain to verify the integrity of files/documents with stored hash values. This will be the function of the upcoming DeepVault feature. This innovation shows original thoughts as no other cryptocurrency has been able to achieve this with utmost precision.  

In addition, we live in a fast-paced world where it is no longer fashionable to wait for hours and sometimes days to get transactions confirmed. One of the outstanding features of DeepOnion transactions is speedy confirmations. Users don’t need to wait longer for confirmations as transactions are confirmed within split seconds.  

DeepOnion has several firsts attributed to it. This coin defied the normal entry route of most cryptocoins which is crowdfunding and ICOs. Instead, Onions are being distributed freely in airdrop rounds and this has attained significant results so far with more rounds to go. Not a few of new and old cryptocurrencies has done this successfully.  

Finally, using universally accepted attributes of a good currency as a yardstick against the features of DeepOnion, one can conveniently draw the following conclusions regarding the future of the Onions:  

  1. Scarcity: Current signals indicate Onions will be scarce to acquire in the future as it reaches its full potential. Actually, this is a no-brainer as early adopters are expected to hold on to it as its price soars in the market which is expected. 
  2. Acceptability:  Bearing in mind that DeepOnion is still in its early stages, the outlook seems to be encouraging. It is expected that e-commerce plugins allowing Onions to be accepted as payment methods will be released soon. As a result, the acceptability of Onions will be enhanced. 
  3. Supervision:   DeepOnion is not backed by faceless individuals. The development team consists of experienced blockchain experts who have shown commitment to the success of this innovation so far. The team in collaboration with the community of users takes decisions on several issues regarding the future of DeepOnion. This is a huge advantage DeepOnion has against Bitcoin. 
  4. Not Prone to Counterfeiting:  Just like every other cryptocoin, it is difficult to counterfeit Onions. The high security and anonymous nature of DeepOnions takes this a bit further by making it difficult for nefarious elements to clone DeepOnion wallets. 
  5. Transportability:  DeepOnion wallet for Mac and Windows operating systems eases the movement of Onions from one point to the other. The upcoming wallets for android and iOS devices will enable users to use their wallets on the go. Therefore, ease of moving Onions will never be an issue. 

Visit us today at and download our secure wallet to get started.

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With its thriving community, DeepOnion will go far.