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Let's begin with an apology to the participants of DD10. Due to unforeseen personal circumstances and holiday season obligations it was not possible to complete the winners' announcement post. For this we are truly sorry, please accept our heartfelt apology in this matter. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


CIA Library

Deep Dives 10 was a return to the CIA Library that contains hundreds of thousands of declassified documents made available through the Freedom Of Information Act. In case you missed the DD10 announcement post, you can find it [here]. You can also visit the CIA Library reading room through the link below.


Deep Dives 10 Official Participants




After holding two Deep Dives into the CIA Library it does seem that this archive generates less interest than some others. Nevertheless, we feel that there are some very interesting documents in the archive and we hope that people remain open to having a look for themselves in the future. OF course, there's bound to be some misinformation/disinformation in the collection and we should keep a healthy skepticism about anything coming from "The Agency". However, we should also keep in mind that there's an equal, if not greater, amount of disinformation, misinformation and propaganda present in traditional and alternative media as well. Just something to consider before writing something off completely. Hopefully, one of the entries from DD10 might even change some minds.

With the continued decline of Steem and cryptocurrencies across the board, it's also no wonder that participation in Deep Dives research is also down. That's why we especially appreciate the work of those that continue to dig and create original content for our research challenges. Thank you so much for your time, effort and contributions to the project!


First Place (23 Steem)

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Invisible Writing: A Favorite of Children and Spies Alike


We thoroughly enjoyed reading this superb entry by the one and only @krnel. An intriguing look into the world of spy-craft in the WWI era. Some of the methods described in the documents are stunning and really do feel like something out of childhood games rather than spy-craft. Oh, how times have changed. Thank you @krnel, really something unique here!

Second Place (14 Steem)

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Remote Viewing


The use of remote viewing (psychic projection) by the CIA and their counterparts in the former Soviet Union read like fantasy novels. The various ways in which gifted psychics were used to spy on enemy targets, obtain classified information and explore enemy territory are hard sometimes hard to take seriously, if it weren't true. The results of experiments into employing psychic powers were varied and the CIA and US military claim that research into the subject was halted in the mid-seventies. A fascinating topic, and @natepower gives us a preview of some of the most interesting cases documented in the archive. There's an extensive amount of archives relating to the subject, and they're very much worth exploring.

Third Place (8 Steem)

thoughts in.jpeg

Infobyte Banning Guns is Like Banning War It Doesn't Work


This article covers the Five Powers Peace Pact and the Kellogg-Brian Pact focusing on the propaganda and double speak of international agreements to prevent war. These treaties, introduced following WWI, essentially banned war. As a result the vanquished nations of the world were also charged with committing illegal warfare while the winners no doubt guilty of the same crimes failed to see the folly in the agreements in the first place. A short but poignant contribution by @thoughts-in-time, well done!


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Upcoming Deep Dives

The Dark Overlord - 911 Hacks


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’d have heard of @thedarkoverlord by now and the potential earth-shattering 911 documents they claim to have hacked from several law firms and have in their possession.

As TDO account has created a tiered system for releasing the material they have stated that once they receive milestones in BTC donations, which they describe as checkpoints, decryption keys will be made public for the encrypted file containers as each layers funding objectives are fulfilled.

There are 5 layers, each layer consisting of files with greater significance and impact and a higher price to be paid in BTC to unlock them.

TDO Message to US Deep State

This is a message for the nation-state of the United States of America and the greater deep-state.

We're going to continue to bend you over a barrel and fuck you if our demands are not met. You know the score. Your censorship and fakenews coverups won't silence this organisation or its public support. You were warned. To all the other parties involved (airlines, litigation firms, investigation firms, FBI, TSA, FAA, banks, security companies and more), we're going to burn you down unless you begin to 'play ball'. This entire situation will soon become far more tragick to your survival. Make the right choise.

We're peeling these layers back like an onion. No one can save you except for us. Pay the fuck up.

The Dark Overlord accounts have already been deleted from Twitter, Reddit and Pastebin in quick succession. Apart from the dark-web, the only online presence the group currently maintains is on the Steem blockchain - @thedarkoverlord.

Thus far, the documents released as part of Layer 1 appear to be legitimate and their authenticity has not yet been challenged. People all across the internet are keeping a close eye on the releases by TDO for any indication of significant discoveries.

Research Into 911 Hacks

Here @deepdives, we've created a Discord server specifically for discussing, researching and parsing through the documents as they become available.

For the record, @deepdives does not condone nor condemn the methods of TDO. However, in the interest of truth and justice, we'll be announcing deep dives research in connection with the archive as more documents are released.

Security and Safety

Along with the questionable ethics and motives of TDO, there are real concerns with personal security and safety in relation to downloading and decrypting the hacked files. There's no telling as to what may be inside the VeraCrypt containers. Malware and Ransomware are real threats that must not be taken lightly.

We STRONGLY suggest to anyone who is considering digging into these documents to take every PRECAUTION and to properly protect yourself and your devices.

The best advice we will give is that you wait until others who are more experienced in cyber security have opened the files and have deemed them to be free of viruses and malware before delving in to unchartered territory.


This article by Sparky.Tech is an analysis of the preview container - please read this carefully before opening any of the file containers.

We're not cyber-security experts @deepdives, so we take NO responsibility for your actions and/or poor decision making. If you do not know what you’re doing, we STRONGLY advise against downloading the torrent archive. Please be careful out there.

Wikileaks - Embassy Shopping List

WL Xmas.jpg

For the time being, we're going to put the Wikileaks Embassy Shopping List research challenge on hold. If you've already done research into the archive, feel free to post your work anyways (please leave a link in the comments below) or hang on to the post and enter it into an upcoming related Deep Dives.

Deep Dives Community

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Deep Dives Aims

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    Over time, Deep Dives aims to build a repository of high quality research and original content preserved on the blockchain.

    We hope you join us in building this unique resource.
    It truly is a community effort and your exceptional contributions are what fuels this project.

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Congrats to the winners. The only reason I do not join in with the CIA digs is they are simply everywhere, the CIA that is, and they can easily make me disappear, even here in PL. Oddly enough I have even seen a recruitment drive "here."..... Apply online blah blah blah.
I suppose due to the proximity and relative closeness to the Ukraine and Russia.

Thanks @deepdives for having sponsored another interesting research/writing challenge, and thank you/congratulations to the writers who produced their worthy content.

Personally, I sometimes wish that I could freely engage in this initiative as a writer, but choose not to for personal reasons. Safety and compromise is of a legitimate concern for me at this time (not so much for myself, but for loved ones) due to my past involvement/association with some nefarious governmental organizations and individuals.

Though, I wholeheartedly support @v4vapid 's projects here on steemit, as well as the conspiracy analysis community at large.

I will continue to engage and help where I am able, into the future.



Thank you @angryman! We appreciate your support and promotion of the DD challenges. Personal security and safety is of the utmost importance and we will never ask anyone to do more than they're comfortable with.

Participation may be confined to a small group atm but we hope that will change in the future to help grow this project into something valuable for the community here and the general public. Commenting on posts and on the contributions of the participants is one way to be helpful, we're certain it means a lot to the writers!
Thanks again, cheers


I know that safety and security is an important message you never neglect to mention, and rightfully so in some cases. The 'Deep State' is very real, they are 'unforgiving'...

Many regards to you. I'll keep helping in ways that I can, with promotion posts and links, etc.

(⌐ ͡■ ͜ʖ ͡■)
That awkward moment when
you get the bronze in a contest
with three entries. \(^O^)/

The Dark Overlord! That is going to be an interesting deep dive! My favorite Dark Overlord line is something like "we aren't activists, give us our fucking internet money! also hats off to Steemit, hopefully all the free publicity from Dark Overlord having a Steemit Account, and Steemit being one of the very few Social Networking sites that hasn't censored D.O. brings more people to the table. I'm looking forward to 2019, we should have plenty of material to blog about this year, Tyrants and Corporate America will see to it! Deepdives thanks for offering a platform to write and share work, plus these challenges are eye opening, applause to everyone who writes and supports Deep Dives and the Information War.

Congrats to the winners. I was surprised to have won :) Thanks for that, the deep dives challenges, and to all who participate! Peace.

Highly rEsteemed!

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