Room decorations, the old west wall

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The idea for this post came from a short conversation that I had last winter with @juliakponsford about wall decorations and art in the house. I had totally forgotten about it until this morning when something clicked in my mind.
This is one of the walls in the house that I live in with a friend. She's a history buff and has a bachlors degree in history. Not very useful these days, but it gives her a really good basis for history. This is the old west wall, pre-civil war. We have a variety of different things on display that all relate to the old west in this room.
This is one of the rooms that have a decorative wall with a theme.

I hope you found this post interesting!
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nice desk!!


Thank you! :-)

Nice decorations

The decoration of the room reminds me my trip to Washington, DC. She may like to visit the National Museum of American History - Smithsonian Institution.


No doubt! I'd like to visit that myself! :-)