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Simon Sinek

Recently I revisited Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk on Why we Buy things. For funsies, I created my own interpretation of this graph (see below) in relationship to Cryptocurrencies. This is strictly my own opinion & observation.

Where do you fit in?

2.5% Innovators:

True Visionaries, often unrecognized or don’t want to be. Introverts. Geniuses. Cutting edge. They are on a mission.

13.5% Early Adopters:

They get the Vision. They talk about it. Everybody thinks they’re crazy. In rare cases, they sell all they own and buy the whole idea with all they have 😨 The Revolutionary takes the idea and gets creative with it.

34% Early Majority:

They jump on that train that’s moving fast, having FOMO moments and losing sleep. They listen more to the Revolutionary, as their ideas connect more closely with their own, and want to get creative with it, too.

34% Late Majority:

Wished they would have been an early adopter. They know they missed out. The Sheople have awakened. But not all is lost.

16% Laggards:

They don’t care. And now, they have no choice but to scramble and catch up. However, the pathway is much easier to digest & navigate than when the idea was born :)

The Truth is, nobody knows how Cryptocurrencies are going to play out in the long term, but we DO know they’re here to stay.

Decentralized Crypto Economy’s offer humanity a chance to take our power back from governments & corporations who manipulate & lie while creating fraudulent ways that take our hard earned money.

The choice IS ours, IF we educate ourselves and set our personal financial structures up to support US, not THEM.

Do you have a Plan B?

Most importantly, decentralized economy’s are borderless. They have the potential to lift people up from poverty and generate thriving communities internationally.

What do you believe in?

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Wow! I seem to fit into all of them.
No plan B as usual.
No personal financial structure
But I am like a bulldog , once I bite I don't let go and my instincts have seldom let me down.
I am the only fundraiser at our charity and in the past, now in our 18th, years we have scraped along and created miracles.
So my idea is to continue with steemit, until the day that it grows enough for me to take the funds and to place it all into an endowment fund for Papillon to continue its charity work.
Simple I know, but I like things simple!


I love it. You're right on path, aren't you? We are in prime positions with our open minds & hearts @papilloncharity At the very least, because you're here in Steemit, I'd say you're an early adopter. Do you use crypto's in your charity work, yet? Just curious...