Demote your telly!! READING IS THE KEY TO FREEDOM!!

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Over the last 2 years I have been finding my way through the Forest to expose the Tree's finer details.
tree.jpg Like many truth seeker I have been branded with an 'R'.... My friends and acquaintances no longer look at me in the eye. At the beginning I carried some of the shame as if the look in their eyes was somehow making the scar burn and embed itself deeper, past the flesh.
The following are a few examples of shocking truths that have been hidden from us inside Babel's Library.(

  1. The WWF is committing crimes against humanity, no shit look....(

  2. Fractional Banking, no, the whole Banking system is a Cancer to a peaceful society

  • The Silicone chip changed the world. We knew that it would and had a very good idea of how it would, it seems. This is one of the most freaky doc's as it shows how something that should have liberated the world has been used to enslave us, oh the irony...

  • Edward Bernays is one of the most important influences on how and why society has evolved in the directions it has. This may sound a good thing but I can assure you that once you learn of this 'Mans' research and effects you will never view the world in the same way again.

  • Pedophilia is rife in all parts of society but only in the Upper-Class is it covered up and promoted in such a suspicious way. From recent rumours of 'Spirit Cooking' involving the highest of society to more palatable, but equally disgusting, scandals committed by SIR!! Jimmy Saville. The evidence keeps on coming and it appears more and more with every painful realization that the people who are committing the, most damnable, crime are the ones who are supposed to be protecting us from it. The Statue outside the BBC headquarters cast a more sinister shadow once you learn of how the BBC( a Government Chartered company) have been so complicit and eager to assist the offender in escape. If only it was the BBC and out of control 'Celebs' with too many 'connections' that were the extent of the problem...if only. From SIR Edward Heath, Dennis Hastert to fucking Lord Janner! the list of Politicians is rage-worthy on its own. But tie that in with our own Royal family and their UNDENIABLE links to convicted pedophiles like Jeffrey Epstein, you at least have to start asking questions. This subject is vast and I don't want to lose your attention as there are many more things to talk about. I will just lead you to another important Documentary that has been deemed unworthy of being brought to our attention, by our Investigatory Reporters.

  • The UK Citizens who voted for Brexit are not all racist Goons. It seems there are many conscientious 'Brexiteers' who have seen past the smoke screen. It will not appear in our Child's history books, but if you are to abide by our Constitutional Laws and follow their long history, you are left with the in-deniable and seemingly inconvenient truth that our entry into the European market was an act of treason, committed by SIR Edward Heath and every British PM since. This vid shows how we were deceived by our honourable PM(an active pedophile at the time) TO FIND OUT MORE...(

  • Agenda 21, an EU Bible on 'Sustainability' that was presented at the Rio Summit back in 1992, is very real... It has been presented to us in many forms and was first prioritized to be the 'Ice-breaker' for the answer to 'Global Warming'. Now I have taken much abuse when confronting this subject and I find 'The Green Brigade' to be the most stubborn. I believe this is because they have been 'used' the most and find it hard to acknowledge the horrors committed in their name(see above #1) Again, this is a huge subject with so many tentacles I feel it best to guide you to a reliable source of information and evidence.

  • The 7/7 London Bombing was carried out by our own secret service as part of a False Flag attack. The main stream story is far from the truth and the truth is almost unbelievable but please consider the evidence presented here...

  • Our health is a second concern after profit in all industries. We are nothing but guinea-pigs and 'Useless Eaters'. We all accept the need to conserve our environment for the greater good but it seems that 99% of the population do not come into consideration when evaluating the worlds creations. Our own conservation seems to have been forgotten by many. People have become so engrossed in the issue of climate change that they seem to forget that their own species is being poisoned. Weather that be on purpose or not is for you to decide but when you consider the acts of US big Pharma company, Bayer, who KNOWINGLY sold HIV INFECTED medicine to European companies after they where FORCED to recall the product. Check out this 3 minute news report, its astonishing!

  • And if that does start to make you look for yourself, then here is the latest conference held by the people desperate to convince you that things like GM seeds and synthetically fluoridated water are all just peachy....

    Sorry but after this far down the line we should not be having to worry about weather our food and water is having adverse effects on us and our future generations. And why if it is a possibility would President Obama pass a law to stop food producers having to display a label on their foods informing of GM ingredients?

  • Your Fate has been decided, the pens are being built, the most precious parts of the globe are being confiscated, and most are walking blindly into a life of maximum efficiency, or profit. The intention is for us to own nothing(well most of us). You won't own your car, your house, your phone, nothing will be off limits and it will all be rationed out in-line with your carbon-allowance...
    Your beauty spots and Nature reserves will be off limits, well to most that is...

  • Please listen to this Lady carefully. Today(26/10/17) the news paper 'Metro' reported that the NHS were looking at proposals to use domestic properties to house its patients. People would rent out their spare rooms!! WTF!! Are we really going to put up with this??

    Reading Is The Key!!!

    3 years ago I knew nothing of what went on behind the scenes. The question Why, was just used to express anger at something that didn't seem fair, or maybe just didn't make sense. The thought process didn't go much further than that I am afraid, but we all start somewhere. curtain.jpg

    So from someone with many chinks in their Armour(Me) I have been as surprised as much, I imagine, as my English teacher would have been to discover My love of reading, and writingbook.jpg The urge to write seems to have come from the increase in reading. I can say with no hint of official madness, that writing can be very spiritual and sometimes seem to be almost sub-conscious(some of the best things I have written have took very little time and seem to flowed from somewhere in my brain...). It can be an amazing feeling that I would recommend everybody try to invoke at some point. Some, maybe even all, of my writing is amateur and littered with grammar and spelling mistakes. But I enjoy it so much. The part that spoils it is when I present it for judgement and expose my most sensitive nerve, my self-conscience. The topics I tend to read and write about are usually very political or have elements that poke holes in our perceptions.

    The litterateur I have chosen to read, or sometimes been lead to read, has had a massive impact on my life. It has honestly made me a better person. The T.V. has been demoted and when it is activated it now serves me! You would be a fool to ignore the information that is available at the touch of a button.
    matilda2.jpg . So Roald Dahl wasn't completely right but I'm not going to labour the point either as Mr Roald Dahl has brought my Daughter and I some happy memories.

    Although the digital library is infested with Trojan Horses, Infections and Viruses, but once you have found a secure line(s) of reliable info, it can be an addiction like no other!!

    I hope you have enjoyed this post and for those who have come this far down the page I have added some reading that I have found most entertaining and thought provoking. I have also included 2 of the most must see films around today.


    What is property? - by Pierre Joseph Proudhon(

    The Library of Babel - by H.L.Borges(

    The Gulag Archipelago - by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn(

    1984 - by George Orwell


    How big oil conquered the world - by James Corbett -

    Children full of life - by Noboru Kaetsu


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