Decentraland - Art in VR- Mana now on Bittrex

in decentraland •  2 years ago 

Last night bittrex listed "MANA" - the cryptocurrency associated with a VR world being built on blockchain called "Decentraland". It will be the in-world currency as well as the currency used to purchase "LAND"

Decentraland is at the beginning of creation with a terraforming process underway at the moment to distribute the land.

This project has a big community behind it and the ideas for districts and building designs are already amazing.

I for one, as an artist am very excited by this project. I intend to build a VR gallery in the Arena district.

Bittrex listing this coin is bound to give the Decentraland project a massive boost of interest, hopefully some fellow steemians jump on board.

"Land" in Decentraland is for sale until December. You can only buy Land with MANA

concept art sketch

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