Avoiding Bias in Decentraland Voting & Dodging Real World Mistakes

in #decentraland2 years ago

It's decision time in Decentraland. The day is nearly here where the platform will open it's doors to the public. However, just before that happens, there are a few divisive questions which need addressing.

2 Spicy Topics – 1 For Later….
Hiding just around the corner is probably the most heated topic of them all and that is the discussion about what should be done with abandoned LAND, which is essentially LAND which has been purchased from prospectors simply looking to HODL and turn a profit, but offering very little else in return, instead choosing to let the wider community add value to the platform whilst they sit and just reap the benefits of everybody else’s hard work and time. This should certainly be a spicy one, but for now, that vote is on ice waiting to be unleashed.

…and 1 For Now
First of all the community must address another hot topic, which is now up for vote here on Decentraland’s voting platform Agora (ending in 9 days time) and that is how to fairly balance the voting system so that both LAND owners and MANA holders have a fair say when it comes to future community votes.

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