Moar DecentMemes Updates! Added Voting From Website, Vote Slider, Category Select

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Moar DecentMemes Updates!

Added Voting From Website, Vote Slider, Category Select

Upvote/Downvote + Slider

Keep in mind if you have a very small amount of SP you might run into issues setting your vote weight too low. If this happens, try increasing your percentage.

Select Category

Select the category for the type of content you wish to see.

Current Website Format

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 10.59.09 PM.png
As traffic grows and the demand for server resources increases, I will be migrating the image hosting to something a bit more reliable. However, there have been no issues reported so far for image loading. And remember, you can always download the generated images and rehost them or upload to steemit.

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Really cool. I think we should make decentmemes to be better than before. Keep it up sir @netuoso if you need a little bit help. Here i am to call 🙂

Resteemed. Voting for you as Wintess ❤️ <- Slight homo

thanks for your shearing information.

slider for upvoting/downvoting is really amazing @netuoso. But how can I install it ?
Voted for witness.

Just voted you as a witness the last 3 days have been fucking crazy thank you!

thank you for potingannya hopefully the future decentmeme to be better again

Lol it's a great work there... Love it

This is a very good update!!⚡
Keep it moving🚀

@netuoso you keep rockin bro.
@decentmemes will reach the moon like a rocket.mark my words :)

Thanks for the info, its been working for me

Awesome job!

Thanks for the information.

great job man !

Awesome update!

Great article . I just discovered ur interesting blog , I didn't hesitate to follow you upvote and resteem . Support me, upvote my comment too, I am new on steemit. Thanks.

Yes yes yes! Give me all of the decentralized memes! 😎

All that's lacking is the delegation XD