This Generation of Teenagers Are Going Too Far!

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Steemit Could Save This Generation of Teenagers

I have noticed that children are becoming corrupt at younger and younger ages every year. I never even drank alcohol or smoked cannabis until I was 18 years old. I am constantly hearing of kids younger than 15 doing this. It blows my mind, in the worst of ways.



With technology having advanced to where young kids are able to go viral online just for doing something stupid, it is now a lethal world for everyone. All it takes is for a 15 year old to smoke a blunt, drink some lean, wave a gun around, or even just have a much older woman on his lap (watch all of this happen in the video at the bottom of this blog). Next thing you know they are making more money than their parents and thinking that what they are doing is a good thing just because they are being paid.


I know I am not the only one that thinks this needs to be gotten under control, sooner rather than later. Otherwise these kinds of kids will be our leaders in 20-30 some odd years. I don't have a solution right away, but perhaps if there was a social media that incentivized you to use it just for being who you are ; not just who the corporal giants dreamed of you to be. Oh wait, that is Steemit. It will take some new mentors for these teens to realize what they are doing is absurd. I trust that we as a collective will solve this issue.


Enjoy this video of what NOT to let your child do.



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"Otherwise these kinds of kids will be our leaders in 20-30 some odd years."

With that kind of behavior, I don't think they will make it to 30. Drug use @ such a delicate, critical stage of development has life-long effects.


That is very true in most cases. Somehow many still manage to make it long in life even with terrible decisions like this. Let's just hope they do not get in seats of power.

Many youngsters nowadays think the world owes them a living. In the UK we have a challenge for teenagers called 'The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme' which a small handful of youngsters take part in. It is a great idea which all teenagers should be made to participate.


You are right, I have quickly realized that earning things from your own hard work is the most satisfying feeling.
I will have to read into "The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme". I have yet to hear of this before, I am from the states. That may explain why.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by on my blog sir.

The values must be rescued, and the good and the bad must be taught to people from an early age, so that this kind of thing does not happen.


Very true, much of this blame can be put on the parents. Not all though. It is all over the media, which is nearly impossible for kids to avoid these days. Then of course, the children their self must start seeing that what they are doing is not good for their soul.


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This generation of kids is very different that the ones we have before. However, it's still our duty to guide them the right way to go. I think steemit can do something about it :)


I agree with you 🙌

In my opinion all these vices in young people is due to the lack of values in the family.


That is most likely the case in majority of scenarios 🤧