How Decenternet Complies with Satoshi Nakamoto

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Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of Bitcoin which is a crypto project that is powered by blockchain technology. Satoshi Nakamoto who is an anonymous identity has technical phrases in Duality an
Excerpt paper used to explain how the Bitcoin project was designed and managed to surface.

The outstanding feature is Decentralisation that is greatly responsible for the success of Bitcoin.

Decentralisation refers to the redistribution of power or authority from one central place to the different units of the system.

The current education system is raising job seekers instead of Job creators simply because of the centralised corrupted systems evolved around it, a case in point is the centralised internet. Where people are being programmed with various information at the service providers wish. People are being made to think like Robots yet they are not in the actual sense. I have been a victim of the monopolised and manipulated system of this world where you work for someone and because most of the power and wealth rests in their hands they can opt to manipulate or ill treat you the way they want that is through delaying your payments or even worse of all fail to pay you for your hard work put in into running their business.

The net neutrality has been undermined on several occasions because of the existing centralised version of the internet. Take for instance in 2014 the AT&T announced that only sponsored data was to be allowed to be customised which is something that undermined the net neutrality in a way that the small companies who would not afford sponsoring their data were to be left out.

Decenternet is up to solving these problems where by as I was scanning through the technical documentation about Anuvys I stumbled on a unique feature that is a solution the modern day education and it’s called “Janas the educational platform for the citizens of the decentralised world” where creativity will be promoted amongst the citizens, allowing them to reason critically about the different aspects of life and also utilise their talents effectively for self-sustenance and development.

The following are the similarities of Satoshi’s ‘Duality an Excerpt’ paper and decenternet

And like all things, people can lose trust in something that is controlled by one authority.
In order for genuine freedom of speech to exist in an open society one had to be able to fully and anonymously express themselves

The Dnet system has this attribute whereby it’s Open source and a decentralised structure where its designed in a way that its network is peer to peer, employing an end to end encryption where the 3rd party is eliminated. A user of Dnet communicates freely to another user privately with an exclusion of the intermediary and hence this enables people to freely express themselves. Freedom of expression is something that is very vital for people staying in nations where there are political tyrannies where they can easily communicate to the outside world without being prevented from doing so by the ISPs.

In order for bitcoin to come into existence it required 3 fundamental areas of knowledge converging together. In the end, what it took was a combination of math, cryptography, and a good working knowledge of C++ to make it work.
The blockchain came to be a way to solve all the issues that a decentralized currency could encounter.

Dnet project is comprised of a wide of range of organised knowledge that is evident on its white paper, the technical anuvys document and a strong leadership team that is putting this together and ensuring that this project comes to fruition and achieve its vision of materialising the prosperity and stability of the earth.

Dnet provides a scalable and decentralised cryptocurrency based solution that is through paving a way for many future ICOs to crop up. This is through promoting creativity amongst the users of Dnet, empowering them with rewards for their contribution on the Osiris web browser and liberty search engine with spyce tokens which can be traded or exchanged into other major cryptos suchas Etherium, Bitcoin,

The answer was a protocol. The model itself, which I thought none had existed, came into view very quickly. It had been staring at me all this time, I had been using it for years, and had never taken into account how efficiently it worked. Sometimes things work so well that you never question their existence. They just are. The answer, was the internet itself. And the network was peer-to-peer. Using this end to end design, it finally became possible to connect almost any network to the ARPANET.
I knew that in order for this to work, I would have to do it anonymously. All the way through. And I knew then as I know now, that after my work was done, I would leave the community entirely.

Dnet has a protocol which comprises of a different set of components such as the Anuvys operating System that is a core asset of Decenternet whose objective is to provide an alternative solution to the current monopolised internet infrastructure by providing an OS that enhances privacy in the end replacing the traditional OS without oppression or violence. On top of this it also has Osiris web browser, Liberty search engine through which are highly incentivised.

The Dnet leadership team relies more on confidence than fear. It’s Very open to answer everyone who has a querry about this project and also ready to embrace any contribution from anyone all over the world through the technical development of software to even a simple idea in a comment. It welcomes everyone to its chart forums for open discussions.

The Arpanet is another architectural feature of the Anuvys Operating system that seeks to help further this Decenternet movement through building international networks that will enchance its spreading.

The Arpanet is the foundation of the internet. This worked so well regardless of its origin. Dnet is also headed for the same cause, with all the amazing components and networks which we ought not to question but rather embrace and see how it unfolds.
Once it goes live it can never be stopped from spreading.

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