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RE: Cyberpunk Ethos: Is a Decentralized Internet Possible?

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Whatever we have seen so far in the movies and several TV series or probably in the video games, it can become a reality very soon @blockurator. And I totally agree with you when you say that Dnet should envision the whole system, where all existing systems can mutually agree on things that benefits all humanity. I also agree that we are the victims of the current society where all of us are being abused of our rights and hence there is a need of Decentralization so that everyone can do whatever they love without having the fear of financial instability on their minds. IMO, The scare tactics they have used is a great marketing strategy to pinch the netizens and make them wide awake to see the reality! It would be interesting to see how much this will work in their favor and if people are going to see the true intent behind their actions.

P.S. - I really like what you do with your blogs. Personally I have learned a lot from your writing style. Your honest views are quite charming sire. ;-)


Thanks for the push back, and the compliment. I think the scare tactics might be more effective if they used a multi-pronged approach. There are people who will be totally turned off by them to such a degree that they will shut down, not listen, and may even actively work against them. But I can see the benefits in Decenternet's aims without the scare tactics. So why not make more of an effort to appeal to people like me who will make a decision on the basis of reasoned analysis alone? That's simply the point I'm trying to make.

I certainly would like to see a decentralized Internet, but it's hard to judge whether the effort is good or not without actually using it. Stay tuned. There will be more analysis.