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Hi my mouse! It’s me. Hiza!! Talk about activation energy on a mother flipping Thursday huh!? I’m beginning to feel it. Hell I know it’s only the 6th of December, but I also know that means absolutely nothing because time isn’t real and even if it were we’re timelords sooo even thought im not sure what any of that means, I know I have to be ready. Hi. Goodmorning. ;)

3 Things I’m Grateful For Today…

  • LOGISTIX (omg can that be our band name)
  • really enjoying this yogga challenge
  • excited for a change of scenery and mountain air

LOGISTIX tho right?? OMG I can see the 80’s black and white album cover. I’m going to need a flat topped boy George hat aren’t I. ANYWAY! Yes! Big progress on both our sides. SO proud of both of us this evening while I look back. I know December is just starting but if we can keep at it for the whole of this month I think we can make some moves in 2019. Damn. Good job us!

In terms of yogas, this challenge is unlike the ones I’ve done with DOYogaWithMe, a lot of those classes were 45-60 minutes long and even at the “beginner” level they were TOUGH. I’m still feeling challenged with these but it doesn’t feel like a grueling marathon. This is the kinda yoga I could do every day regardless of the challenge because of these lighter “off”days. It’s really been generously put together.

That being said, since there have been two easier days I’m fully expecting tomorrow to be back into that REAL REAL that’s been keeping my muscles score up till this point. Either way I’m so proud of what my body can do again, I’m probably at this point at a new personal best in terms of skill level and endurance. Coming from a gal who struggled to walk out of bed in the mornings a few months ago. I couldn’t be happier.

It’s going to be great to get into holiday cozy mode with Mom and the doggo this weekend. I think it’ll be good for my soul. I know I keep talking about keeping going this months, but I know without some emotional and mental breaks here and there I won’t make it. So I’m trying to be smart about how I pace myself. Plus I’m doing adventube (which I’m LOVING doing) btw, and the yoga challenge, yeah it’s just a lot one the “dailys” so wanna be careful I don’t crash and burn out.

You too mouse! I know you wrote about some nature walks this morning, please please do whenever you can. I know it’s getting cold but some early mornings with that fresh air in your lungs, tunes in your ears could be so great. Just promise you’ll keep up on the self care bit even if its in little ways. I know you’re motivated, and so am I but I want us to be PRANCING into 2019, not limping lol.

like dis ;)

I think that’s it my love, I’m going to keep chipping away and getting closer on a new logo concept, I know we’ll both know when it’s right, but I also don’t think its the MOST important thing to get perfect either. I just want us both to dig it while we CRANK OUT DEM EPISODES DOEEE!. (Curious to know if you’ve checked the stats recently lol).

Ok my love, get some water down you, big stretch, do your mouser checks. Get INNN boy! And I’ll see you shortly. ;)


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