# Dear @TeamHumble //5th September 2018 // Let's do it all again shall we?

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Ooh big yawns that came on quick, I guess that’s what I get for attempting another sprint this late in the evening. All good, it’s been a good long day 88 deg (f) still at 6pm wowie wow, should be dipping a lot in the next few hours though. Summer not going out so easily it seems!

3 Things I’m Grateful for Today are…

  • meal prep went great at $0.34 per meal! OH!
  • always love recording podcast with you
  • feeling refreshed with a new set of “connects” on upwork

I don’t remember if I mentioned it to you, but I took some of my doggo sitting money and upgraded my Upwork account since I was out of connects, at least I think that’s what they’re called. You know the ones to be able to send proposals ect… I’m encouraged by some of the gigs I was able to find today and I’ll just keep plugging away at that until something pops up. :D

In the mean time it’s regular modding, and making for me. More ideas, more sites, videos, whatever it may be. I’ve got to move past the mental block of being stressed about not having work and just take this time to make things. I know as SOON as I let go of it something will come in. I’ve just been to fixating. Maybe there’s a reason for all of it after all. Even if it’s not its silly to stress about things I can’t control. Just gotta keep showing up and see what happens.

Also quick note, it looks like our file transfer stopped at 58% on my end so im thinking your machine fell asleep shortly after you did <3. Mind starting that guy back up?

Its kinda weird that tomorrow is only thursday right? is it just me? I feel like we should be heading into the weekend. Don’t get me wrong I’m thankful for the extra days but jeez. Don’t know why I feel like tomorrow os Friday! Let’s get it this thursday eh biza?

I know you’re probably going to pop up and get straight to it. Don’t forget your inhaler if you have time this AM. I know they’re closed friday as well so this morning might be a good time?

Either way, I hope you slept well and that fitbit is giving you datas now. Hope you got all that beautiful delicious REM sleep and you’re feeling ready to kick today’s ass! Oh woot! podcastys later too! YAYA! Love making those with you and I’m so pleased about how @productsense is going too! Yay, better get those 3 picks in at some point. ;)


Ok enough with the reminders, you’ve got enough going on and i know you’ll crush it because you’re a man with a plan who lives in a van and who’s got coffee in the can. Feel me fam? (Yep, she’s got coffee bars ;) )

Anyway, I know you’ll sort it all out. I love you and I like you. You’re many of the reasons that I smile each day and for that I’m very thankful. Sleeps time for girl.

I love you mouse.
<3 Dot

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awwww, your a special one biza. love you! :)

The tiny member of this fam doesn't agree with you, reason? a selfish one maybe but he has a thousand deadlines hiding behind the weekend curtains.