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I know TECHNICALLY Sunday is the first day of the new week but I never personally saw it like that. I’m feeling the new week energy coming in hot, but I’m taking time tonight to have a proper chill down. But first, It’s you’re tomorrow so… Hi! Goodmorning and welcome to the REAL first day of the week. Happy Monday Mouse!

3 Things I’m Grateful For Today…

  • a partner who’s so creative and who knows how to shake a tail feather and HUSTLE with me! YAYA!
  • the energy and mental health to keep getting after it
  • yoga

Feeling that yoga challenge momentum, Im sure by this time next week ill be full on complaining about how sore I am but I know this is what I should be doing. You know when you’re standing in the eye of the storm you’ve created for yourself? Things are whirling in every direction around you, but at the same time, you know you’re standing in the right place. You just have to take it one step at a time. I don’t know maybe I’m feeling that hardcore momentum energy of the new year starting to take hold. I’m sure there are star chars that explain it but for now I don’t care… I’m just thankful.

Thankful for you, you hardworking creative genius you. I know you don’t like compliments so you might have to just skip this part because I’m going to put my babas on blast for a moment. You. With the 4g in the MIDDLE OF A FIELD, mobilizing and encouraging and getting folks to collaborate on the daily. Making things that start a discussion and inspire folks. You! The guy who’s also crushing client hours and working on courses in the background while being such a lovely partner and awesome dad. Yeah that’s you. You did that.

You ARE doing that.

I’m thankful I have someone who’s excited about new ideas with me, who wants to chase down the same life, but who also cares about the HOW of how we get there and the legacy it all leaves behind. I’m thankful that we’re going to start podcasting again too. I’m thankful that that could be a really cool residual for us, since we already love it so much. I can’t wait to do them in person again. <3

I’m thankful for Ashwaganda Forever pills, and that you’re open to all my natural remedies and mystical WHAYS. We’re going to crush the food and exercise and early morning stuffs love. Me and you we got this.

But until then we have some more weeks of hustle, laying down the bricks today that we’ll walk on tomorrow. Showing up and showing off maybe a little too ;) OH! And you’re already half way there by being up this morning. Get to that machine mouse, get a big drink for my tall glass of water,;) OH BAYBE! Get a good morning stretch and peak your head outside to check out the weather as you do like a little morning mouse peeking out of his hole.

Goodmorning TeamHumble. Welcome to Monday


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Following in the footsteps of @Dayleeo and @teamhumble I joined Steemit to see what this is all about. Stoked to start a new journey!


Yay! @jasontucker the blockchain just got a little better for having you! Welcome!


Dude! Sorry for the slow reply, welcome to the blockchain! ;)

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best. ha! busted on the mouse hole routine! just finishing my post to you, i'll catch you when you wake from the land of nod, welcome to monday! big monday morning hugszzzz....


haha dont feel predictableeee and forced to change, that's silly! It's part of what makes you you! I'm also just highly observant - ground sign checking in with all the things, i get it <3 HUGGSZ