Dear @Dayleeo // 11th September 2k18 // today’s date hit me like a rock today.

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I must have been tossing and turning in the night, i remember having two phases of sleep last night, the initial pass out and the ultra morning wake up, don’t think my body knows what’s going on at the moment — are we getting up early or not!

So yeah two things hit me today, notifications in discord channels about Florence and then i saw the date, the 11th of September, took me straight back to me waking up and watching the television in my flat with a non narrated live shot of New York City.

at first it felt like some kind of art piece i was watching, i was probably still in wake up mode but i felt like i was off work, i remember being transfixed by what was happening and i knew right there the world would change forever, it still haunts me now whenever i see the date, it’s as clear as yesterday.

Anyways. Segway from staring out of a window in some cafe somewhere in the world telling that story to back to reading your blogpost this morning biza. ...

HEY. How’s it going present day you? :)

What’s on the menu chef? :)

Nothing brings me more happiness and smiles to know that you are making changes with food and health, yoga, i think it’s the one gift of compassion that you can give to another human is to give support, food, drink and love to another person on planet earth, it’s like the global human basic needs currency right? — so i love it when i know that you are feeling a little better each day with the tweaks we are doing.

Maybe, all we are doing is cleaning up the ‘signal’ on this end of the simulation, less foggy, more ready to serve, feedback requests with our own side quests this side of the projection eh? :)

yeah, i know what ya saying about the doc thou, he was in his element, i think it was a big verification for his old school watchers to who the doc is too — a place he used to work at, the complaints about gaming titles in 2018, the fact that this is the first AAA title BR mode game that he’s not smashing keyboards and mouses up too, that’s huge.

What i also found interesting is what happens when you have built an existing audience which then get’s x2 amplified by the fact that your having ‘fun’ on the latest title — at one point i saw him top at 85k of people watching, this is the docs game and it’s gonna be his go to play for the next year easily, i can’t see anything changing that, especially because doc was full on giving feedback about little changes, he still loves the hustle of game development you can see that, he has a passion for it.

I’m not sure if he would do it because he’s pretty maverick but i could certainly see him and Viss as a killer duo team when they get to PC, i think that’s coming in like four days time and let’s hope it’s as smooth, allows unlimited frame rates and such like.

I’ve got a bit of a feeling that on PC it might not be as good for a variety of reasons at least for a while, i think we are gonna see hacks, ddos attacks and such like coming soon — we will see all the usual signs and complaints and doc will start raging again! :( — just the nature of communications in the digital age I’m afraid.

Just take it steady with all the exercise love will ya? Don’t jump into it too hard core, remember your still in some level of body recovery and while it’s good to feel upbeat respect the fact that overdoing it or pushing yourself won’t get you long term results just short term pains — slow and steady wins the race right, ya getting there, that’s the most important, you can see the changes daily.

I think the residual thing is straight forward enough once you’ve cracked the relationship with it, i get where ya at, but doing all the little websites, landing pages, VO here and there at some point you’ll be like, ‘oh, i do this shit’ ok, well let’s make it work for me the other way and use the media to actively 24/7 promote what you do or bring in a little scratch money ya know — this scratch money can be a great weekend wake up somewhere get ya breakfast and put fuel in the tank.

I see upwork as scratch tbh, I’d rather take that relationship out of there as soon as it’s established really, work directly, feeding the algo is good but it’s only proven to get you so far, it’s not bringing the jobs i expected weekly that i’d expect a high level person to get like you are on the system — still, it’s been a bit of a life line at times too. Hmm.

Yeah, no worries about the visa application stuff biza, let’s get it done, get that good ship moving eh, gonna be awesome to have you back this side of the pond for another six months and i know that poppet can’t wait to hang out and see you again that’s for sure — if we put it in now then maybe by early next year you’ll be ready to make the trip, of course I’ve gotta get over there at some point too right? We will work it out.

We are about to enter the ACTION phase, we have all the knowledge in the world available at the end of an internet connection, the next phase is to put that knowledge into action wherever it’s required, so the more we put out the more ACTION it affords us! :)

Love ya.

I’ll speak to you shortly.
Lots of love and hugs and stuff,

Da Mouser,

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Dude, I was just telling @Dayleeo what fun it is to see these love notes of yours. The two of you are experts in animated gifs, I'd say. Wonder if there's a business service, or money-making opportunity in that art form. They make your posts pop off the page!


ha! thanks, it gives us a nice smile and virtual hug feel when we see them in the mornings :)