Bitcoin ATM & Five Guys Burgers

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Hello DTube!

It's NEO here :)

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Loved your sister always teying to run away. Lol i saw there a portuguese flag as well. Five guys it is nice but they dont have a lot of stuff for vegetarians :(


You mean that she is hiding from camera? Five Guys is definitely for meat lovers in afraid :-)

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Yeah eheheh. Well still have really nice milkshakes eheheh

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It's not her its me :) i usually try to hide and later on don't have to ask about permission because when someone is in my vlog I always send edited one to them first to accept and I've got some issue in the past that people said in the first place "yeah all good, you can record me" and after editing "please cut me out because i look bad" etc.
So I don't want to waste my time. Sooner or later I will finally upgrade my camera to the one with "portrait mode" so i can blur background :)

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Yeah. I always give a heads up as well.. that i will start vlogging lol

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Increasing cypto atm are sine of bright crypto fucture

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Definitely :)

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Nice one bro


thx :)