🌟DCooperation is making a movie about Steem & Steemians featuring DTubers! Details how you can be in it!🤩

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Hey guys we are here to share some really exciting news with you guys! DCooperation is making a movie about Steemians & Steem and you can be in the movie guys!! The film will have 3 Elements, a day in the life of a Steemian, what Devices do you use to post on Steem, and lastly What do you think about the future of Steem? Each of the three parts should not be longer than 2 minutes. All of the details are in the video above and I will link the dcooperation discord group below so you can join one of the fastest growing supportive communities on the blockchain! Also @clixmoney is the founder of this whole project so please go give him a follow, and a friendly hello! He would be thrilled to hear from you!


Please Upvote, Follow, and Resteem! Leave a comment as well please as we just love to read and respond to them!

Much Love,

🌟@dtube @steemit🌟


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Great promo vid @kawaiicrush, I was hoping to have my part 1 done by now, but was held back with my back injury. It is 1/2 done though. Tomorrow morning, I'll record my last part, making my coffee and making my lunch to take to work for the day, then after work, I'll edit it all down to 2 min, then send it through to @clixmoney. This is going to be an amazing collab, na d I'm very excited to be a part of it :)


Yes very excited about it as well! Looking forward to your part. Not sure how I came this far with out following ya but I always enjoy your content so I am smashing that follow button right now :)


Haha, cheers and thanks for the follow, following you now too :)

i like your video i hope you too will like my video and subscribe my d.tube channel https://d.tube/#!/v/suryab9b99/3cfj9659

Thanks a lot for this nice promotion. I feel the final footage now. ☺


Your most welcome. I am looking forward to seeing the project come together! :D

Hello kawaiicrush,
Nice to meet you! :D


Yes nice to meet you as well @hafizullah 🙂

thanks for making such a post


Glad you enjoyed it friend @saiful39

It is very nice that your video is very much like I want to join your group but I can not join the link you gave me.


oh dear sorry to hear that did you create a discord account yet friend if you did drop me your user here and we can sort it out on discord 🙂

refreshing video. great !!!


thank you @steemsky ☀️🌈☁️

Hey, I found your post on “Partiko" post promotion. Just wanted to say great work on this and will follow your work. Could I ask for you to check out my work and follow me?

Good post
Video was very good

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We are so glad you enjoyed it! <3 @benfreed


Yes mam

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