Another way you can earn income on Steemit, without just relying on votes!

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I just stumbled upon another way creators on can earn some extra income.

The other day I stumbled upon a great way for content creators to possibly boost their revenue streams here on steemit, especially if they are getting a lot of views on their content.

What am I talking about you might be wondering?

It appears there is a way that users can at least partly monetize their content via advertisers/advertising.

I stumbled upon this post the other day by @dclick:

How it works:

The idea is that if you post your content through dclick, an ad will appear at the bottom of the post.

The more people that click on that ad during the 7 day payout window for a post, the more you get paid.

Right now the logo that appears at the bottom of a post, looks like this:

However, I believe over time they will have different advertising links at the bottom.

Some initial thoughts:

This could end up being a decent way for content creators to help supplement income from their steemit blogs over time, especially those that get lots of views.

Unfortunately, it looks like you can only be paid during those first 7 days but at least it is a step in the right direction of better monetizing our steemit blogs.

Hopefully at some point we can find a way to earn on our steemit blogs forever, until then, this looks like a pretty good start.

Anyone that has tried it thus far, let me know your experiences in the comments below.

Stay informed my friends.

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Yeah, this is nice and all but I like that there are no ad's on steemit! I wish the devs would repolish the reward system a little more so we don't need ad's to support our blog posts.

If they "replenished the reward pool", that would mean increased supply which would make the market prices drop. I wouldn't mind curbing some of the inflation sent to witness pay though...

true never thought about that.

well we are of a same mind, I made a post this afternoon about it
i even delegated a bit to them, maybe get some SMT coins and a bit of passive income while supporting a cool new idea...

Nice. I hope it works out well for you. If steemit would take off in popularity, something like this might be pretty profitable for the most popular blogs.

I will read this later sounds interesting.

I have better solutions:
Upload content on another platform with no time limit and share link to it.
This way you can get votes and maintain a reference to a source that rewards you with no limit on time.
Another solution:
Anonymint worked on his own alternative.
Should ask him if it is already available and a few more details about it.

I will have to look into these. Are you using any of them?

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Who is the trybe airdrop being dropped on?

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Please let me know how this works @jcornel

Seems like an interesting addition 👍

I am curious myself.

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I'm planing to do some tests .... will give you info how it went :)

Cool, thanks. Let me know.

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Wow, I had no idea that was being tracked. I will shoot for 7k :)

Is there a badge for 0 replies

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Lol there should be with all the spam comments out there...

badge0.png "Ask and you shall receive", matthew 7:7


I love the concept and have it on my to do for review this weekend! It has great potential given that Steemit is still at a good level for Alexa’s ranking site. Also, review because I believe that my first read did say that you can get monetized past 7 days.

Yea I believe it is just the advertisers that can benefit after the first 7 days... though I a not 100% certain on that.

This is the second post I read about it.
Got to check it out.
Sound very promising.
Keep on postin’

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It certainly has some potential. Especially if steemit gets very large.

I upvoted your post.

Keep steeming for a better tomorrow.
@Acknowledgement - God Bless

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I like your idea, excellent, I'm new to this and it helps a lot

Advertising - so American...

Just what Steemit needs

It seems like a decent way to get some supplemental income for popular bloggers that may not getting many votes from large accounts on steemit.

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It would have to pay well to come out ahead because punks like me who have nearly all advertising blocked across the rest of the internet are probably not going to upvote any posts with ads

Interesting concept, it's like AdSense for Steemit, have to give it a try.

Thank you for sharing. Definitely going to try. Let you updated about the result.

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That might attract a lot of people straight away so cool :)

The only advantage i see to this is that if your post is viewed a lot, for newbies or minnows i don't think it's much benefit for them. Also having a large following and fanbase also helps.

Yep, exactly. However there are some popular blogs that don't necessarily earn much, even though they have lots of followers and views. This is perfect for them.

The idea is that if you post your content through dclick, an ad will appear at the bottom of the post.
The more people that click on that ad during the 7 day payout window for a post, the more you get paid.

Looks interesting, @jrcornel

  • Is this AdSense for Steemit?
  • Is AdSense the underlying tech?

Yes I believe it is supposed to work just like that. Read that post I linked and visit their FAQ section on their webpage.

Thank you, for your input. @jrcornel