Week 3 of the crypto faucet portfolio!

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While it is week 3, this only report 2. The first week, the benchmark has been set.

Overall portfolio!

The overall value of the Portfolio did increase with a mighty 71%. It did rise from 18.99 euro to a whopping 32.52 Euro. Such a big percentage increase is only possible in the beginning.

During the week when the bear did crush the crypto market, I did have doubts about this challenge. The question did come by if it was worth all the effort. But each time I do answer myself that I shouldn't look at the Fiat value, but the increase in coins!

And the holdings of BTC, BNB and BCH did increase with a mighty 80%. Eth had a slower increase of only 3%.

Noise.cash is a great addition in my faucet portfolio. Earning just below 10 euro in the first week. I don't think that it is possible to have this income each week, but I will try. Only the value of the Rollercoin was negative in fiat. But more about that later on.

My goal is still to earn at least 250 euro befoe the year is over. With more weeks like this, this should be feasible.

Let's have a quick in depth view in the Faucets I am using.


Here I do try to use max 5 votes a day. With these votes you do eearn ETH, AMPL or iFarm. Also I do try to write a few articles per week. Most of the times, these are the same articles I do write on Hive.

I only did earn 0.54 euro, which is an increase of only 4%. This depends for a little bit on the articles I do write and how wel they are perceived by the community. Last week I did have a 1$ article, which I failed to do in this week.

Still this is a cornerston in my Portfolio. The time invesment is small. I should try try increase my network there and engage more.



I wrote it before and I will write it again, one of the best BTC faucets around.
People just need to read their e-mails and spin their wheel of fortune.

The BTC holdings did increase with 71%. I did grow from 0,0000414 towards 0,00007095. My goal here is to reach the 30000 stats mark. From this moment on I will earn some interest on my BTC holdings.

The overall BTC holding on Freebitco.in is higher. I did invest 12.5 K fun to become a premium member. Due to this I do get an extra 5 spins at the Wheel of Fortune per day. So my total holding here is: .00014045 BTC.
But because this in an investment, I only use the earnings from trying to play their free BTC roll as much as possible.



Well I have to write a special chapter about noise. I did discover it in the past week. It is some kind of Twitter meeting the blockchain.

You do have an unlimited amount of votes, but you never know when a vote is turned into BCH. So people are commenting a lot of all articles and everybody is upvoting articles and comment. Due to this it is hard to really connect with others.

Still a great addition to my portfolio. In the firs week I did earn 0.01948 BCH. All of these earning are directly automatically send to my celsius network account, so that from next week on I can start earning some interest on it.
I did set my minimal payment on $1, so all the income is collected until this limit has been reach. This way you do save on transfer fees. I things do go according to plan, I will increase it to $1.5.

You can find me here on noise.cash:

The others

I did put some extra effort in Rollercoin so that I do the max PC level which does store my hashing energy for 7 days. Also did change the pay-out to all BTC.
Due to this my BTC holding did increase with 65%. The goal here is to reach the withdrawal limit so that I can move the BTC to Celsius.

Satishiherowas also added to my portfolio last week. I do try to maximize my earnings with a less as time possible. So mainly only trying to give a spin at their BTC wheel. I am surprised that in the past week I did earn $1. The biggest chunk of this was earned with completing surveys. So I will try to do some more this week.

Business as usual on Bertfuryand Cryptotabbrowser.com. I do have to give Cryptotabbrowser a special mention, because for the first time I did withdraw some BTC out of it and it did arrive as promised.

Looking forward to next week and see if I can make a big bang somewhere :)


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