Don't Be Deceived Challenge Day 6

in dbd •  6 months ago

Hello guys, I wanna use this opportunity to appreciate those that have been making this challenge interesting. Everybody that have participated and those that will. God bless yhu all.

Here is day 6 of the challenge and here is what i have for yhu


Don't Be Deceived, Anybody Can Have A Nipple That Looks Aroused.

I nominate @benlegend-1 @facttechz @blessing97 @conas and @iwrite for this challenge.

The point is to distract people's attention from the most relevant thing in the picture, could be food, gadgets, bumbum, a big breast, money, something you just bought etc to something irrelevant in the picture.

How To Participate

  • Post a picture each for seven days

  • Use dbd as tag

  • Post anything you like, food, drink, gadgets etc

  • Divert people's attention from that thing you have snapped to something less irrelevant in the picture.

  • Have fun

  • Have fun

  • Nominate 5 people each day.

Thanks for reading

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I like your wristwatch, it sweet😋

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You aff mind

I decided to join this

Well done 👍👍