Pattern-II for ONLY midcap, highcap Altcoins

in day •  15 days ago  (edited)

Besides 1d cup on handle pattern which is second nature to me, below second pattern also forms in 1d. most time.
That being said, it may not work 100% time ; that's why there is this concept of risk or stop loss level.


PS: Like Adam Eve, Inverted HS can form within fairly narrow accumulation channel ,and can be used as genuine buying signal

Some concluding thoughts on why anticipating is better than entering wave mid route:
If you don’t need to remain on standby for the possible formation of a pattern prior to taking some action, you are closer aligned with smart money.
Smart money doesn’t wait for an ‘Adam and Eve’ pattern prior to accumulating a new position – they anticipate and precede its formation (or the formation of all other patterns) and buy much earlier.

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