What is Datum?All about the classic datum features and datum network

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What is Datum?

Do you know what datum is? It is distributed and decentralized high-performance NoSQL database. It is handled by the blockchain ledger. This is the technology that offers its users to anonymously and securely support the structured data from all IOT devices, smart homes, wearables, networks and social networks. Datum offers a marketplace where a user can sell or share data on their own terms.  

What is decentralized data store?

It is anonymous, private and secure storage of structured data.

What is Storage Nodes?

Miners running node provides low latency access to your data and it is paid to store the data.

What is marketplace?

A user chooses for sharing information or data. The users have the option to sell their data in the market. 


Datum networks rely on the DAT token Smart contracts. It provides safe trading of data in terms of setting out by the data owner. 

 Datum classic features and datum network

The Datum network offers people to save structured data. The DAT smart tokens tend to offer optional buying and selling of the stored data when it is enforced data use. The data owner sets the rules. The aim to design the data network is to offer entities such as frictionless access, efficient approach to the individuals and companies while respecting the data owner’s conditions and terms. It revolutionizes the existing data marketplace. The mission behind this is to offer ease for sharing and selling the data. 

Datum provides a NoSQL database of high decentralized distributed and no writing block. This technology allows reserving structured data (for example, data from social networks or recompiled data of usable devices) in anonymous, private and secure way.  

For speedy and easy confirmations, you can use unstuck transactions. It ensures the original transactions to get quicker confirmations. To the various Datum network addresses this process spends the unconfirmed transaction.

Third option to speed up your transaction confirmation is to buy services with money. It is not a great idea to spend money always. For you, it is vital to know how long it takes to confirm the transaction. Wait until the network confirms the transaction. It takes 24 hours after getting stuck to complete the transaction. 

This is a revolutionary plan that strengthens the small investors to invest and join this network. It is good to increase the profit of the miners. 

Datum - The Data Network

For selling data, the social network is free platform for all the users. User sells the data, advertisers on the social network as well as they earn money. Datum has an objective or blockade and in this way it controls the data. You can sell your data to trusted organizations or you can keep your data safe. Datum is another example that should focus more and more on the way in which information is shared and sold. 


A user has complete control over the settings of the privacy that fines the tunes with the person for data sharing. 

  • For a minimum fee, you can share with anyone
  • Share with all of the users for better results
  • Share with known data consumers, identified and specific consumers for the minimum charges
  • Shared disabled

Token Economics

The datum client strengthens its user to get control of all the data. They can sell or share their data via datum network because Datum is a marketplace of exchange, purchase, and sale of data also has the option to share without further ado. To understand what Datum is, you must start by noting that it is a broad class of database management systems, designed to be decentralized and distributed to the highest performance, but always with the backing of the chain block or block chain or ecosystem of Datum rotates around DAT tokens. The constructors obtain DAT token to transfer and save data. 

The datum client can focus on the following objectives.

  • Users can monitor or track who can access their data
  • It allows them to focus on the end user adoptions with complete transparency
  • They can inspect the transferred data
  • They can get detailed data access report
  • Offers simple privacy control
  • They can Overview Data tokens and its holding

It does not need to be recognized by authorities. On the other hand economic policies and changes in decisions are made by the government to transform the circumstances. Datum plays a vital role in updated the citizens regarding the business payments. In this way reporters and journalists are the reliable source to provide the prompt or accurate news update about this factor. It is a perfect peer to peer currency that is different form the other networks on the basis of these three factors market cap, number of coins and speed. It will increase the allure of your business online. 

Where to Buy DAT — the Official Datum Exchange List

There are 13 exchanges where Datum token is trading,Below i have shared some good exchanges where you can trade,buy and sell Datum tokens.


This is professional and global Digital Asset Exchange platform. IT includes financial services, exchange, information and many more. It offers Blockchain and Digital exchange technology service to its customers. 


This is a reliable decentralized token provider. It is established as the future of the trading. Michael Oved is founder of AirSwap. It empowers the finance’s future. It is a company that is consenSys backed. 


This is a solid platform that encompasses all the traits of the system of the digital economy. It is based on cryptocurrency, seller, website payments, tools, wallets, financial modules and coin facilities and mobile platforms for Android and iOS. 

Coin W

This is Chinese decentralized platform of trading that is part of the Hong Kong investments. It is opened for the Ethereum and ETH based tokens. 


This is also Chinese digital currency trading platform based in Beijing.


This great exchange belong too a group of blockchain enthusiasts who have great name in industry and have great worked for Anti financial and GF securities.

Join below growing community on social media of great decentralized network DATUM.





Official Website: https://datum.org/

Whitepaper: https://datum.org/assets/Datum-WhitePaper.pdf

 "This article was created in exchange for a potential token  reward through Bounty0x" 


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