Bluzelle - A Decentralized Database for the future

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Bluzelle the decentralised database for the future. Technology keeps evolving vastly as fascinating advancement is being churned out regularly. This has led to the invention of billions of devices exchanging data with one another within and across the globe. Also, there are numerous decentralized applications today as blockchains keeps increasing per time. However these decentralized applications are strained with data storage dilemma. Regular blockchains are quite slow and not averagely affordable, and it’s counterpart, centralized storage has low level of security.


Bluzelle – The solution to data storage dilemma. Bluzelle is a true decentralized database that is developed to provide developers with a place to store their data which is secure, tamper-proof and globally scalable. Bluzelle offers complete decentralization at an extremely low cost. On Bluzelle database, data is stored across thousands of nodes all over the world and each node provides storage space and earning fee. Bluzelle is powered by Tendermint and built with Cosmos, forming a cluster of blockchains specially designed for database applications.

Why Bluzelle? Bluzelle is a network of independent storage nodes working together. It is secure, tamper proof and globally scalable.

Below are the core features of Bluzelle;

• Low cost and high availability: Data is stored in multiple nodes without additional cost. Data is available at all time even if there’s a breakdown of one or more nodes.

• Free from hacking: Bluzelle utilizes a consensus algorithm on it nodes which ensures that changes of data are done by their owners. This shields the network from hacking. Our Network design Bluzelle is designed as a network which grows through incentivization and crowd-sourcing. This is achieved by enabling individuals and businesses who own spare disc capacity to rent out their space and in return earn extra income This can be related to AirBnB but here, the physical space is replaced by digital. Bluzelle is a combination of many components that works together harmoniously.

These components includes;

• Validators nodes: These nodes provides storage space and also execute changes in return for a fee. • Bluzelle Net: This is powered by Tendermint - a blockchain that ensures that all changes made to a database are correct.

• BLZ Token: This is an ERC-20 token and it is used for staking on the network and also serve as a means of payment.

• Staking Dashboard: It is a mobile and web application where token holders stake their tokens and view the rewards they earn.

• Bluzelle Database: This is a NoSQL- Key value, it stores data as a key or attribute name with its value. Bluzelle Token Movement (BLZ) • Delegators stake BLZ with Validators. • Validators are connected to BluzelleNet and stake. • Users pay for services with BLZ, Fiat and other tokens.

• Bluzelle Wallet swaps Fiat and tokens for BLZ. • All rewards and fees go to validators and delegators.

• Rewards are unbonded by Delegators.

Example use cases of Bluzelle

• Finance: Bluzelle enhances the usefulness of finance applications from cefi to defi. It gives a single view of the customer, risk analytics, managing reference data and many more.

• Retail: Bluzelle’s NoSQL database is used for order tracking, inventory management, delivery and logistics for both online and offline stores.

• Games: Quick information are appreciated by players. This helps them advance through the game. Bluzelle manages user profiles, inventory, messaging and lots more. Summary Bluzelle aims to be the go-to data layer for Web 3.0 by providing a decentralized data network that is tamper-proof and has greater privacy, scalability and availability than centralized storage. Powered by Cosmos, Bluzelle handles 10,000 TPS and is a delegated proof of stake network.

Any laptop, desktop, mobile device and gaming console can become a node on Bluzelle. Bluzelle’s defi solutions are being developed to enhance Defi with historical price feeds, provide data analytics, 360 degree views, and more. As defi grows, decentralized infrastructure is of great importance.

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