Creating a GUID For Each GUID

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What happens when we run into a situation where we need to create a GUID for reach GUID? Check out the solution in the video TSQL: Create A GUID For Each GUID (Unique Identifier For Each Unique Identifier). As you can see, we learn how to solve this rare event.

Some questions that are answered in the video:

  • What is the possible combination of GUIDs?
  • How many GUIDs of each GUID combinations would we have?
  • What is a more likely combinatino of GUID plus another identifier?

Automating ETL
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Even though we don't develop GUIDs with GUIDs often, this doesn't mean that we'll never use this development. There are some cases where we will - when we have a significant number of data points for another significant set of data points. It's useful to know how to accomplish this in T-SQL in the less-than-common event that we'll use it.

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