Scam Alert: You're Next!

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"I'm not important, why would anyone target me?"
The internet is a war zone filled with people actively trying to scrape all of your data and attack you with scams.
But you're not being singled out: Scammers target everyone. They're indiscriminate, and you will inevitably fall into their wide net.

In this video I explain how perceiving yourself as a low-value target actually makes you an ideal target for both scams and data collection. I also explain how you can better protect yourself.

00:00 Intro
00:37 Overview
01:02 The Illusion of Digital Insignificance
06:33 You Are Not As Careful As You Should Be
08:34 How to Protect Yourself
11:57 Conclusion

By underestimating our digital importance, we put both our privacy and security at greater risk.

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