c0ff33 drives - Bradford to Shrewsbury and Back (280 miles)

in dashcam •  last year 

New Years Eve, a time to relax, reflect or for me visit relatives.


A reasonably early start, at around 8.30am we set off on our journey


Clear skies as we hit the Motorway, looking good for the drive


And surprisingly not so many on the roads the New Years Eve morning


On the M62 between Bradford and Manchester - this is the Highest motorway in the UK - It reaches 372m above sea level at Junction 22 on Saddleworth Moor as it passes over the Pennines. This bridge is also quite famous,

Scammonden Bridge, also known as Rainbow Bridge or, locally, Brown Cow Bridge (after the nearby Brown Cow Inn, now closed), spans the Deanhead cutting carrying the B6114 (the former A6025) Elland to Buckstones road over the M62 motorway in Kirklees, West Yorkshire, England. The bridge and Scammonden Reservoir to the west are named after Scammonden, the village that was flooded to accommodate the reservoir whose dam carries the motorway. On opening, the bridge was the longest single-span non-suspension bridge in the world[1] and it is the longest concrete arch bridge in the UK.
SOURCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scammonden_Bridge


Heading on to Manchester some nice views


Sun in our eyes from Chester down past Wrexham


Hitting the back roads to destination, on the right you can not tell but a good section of hedge is gone. That bridge is a tricky dog leg and this road joins the main rural communities with the nearest big town Shrewsbury. Late night fast drives home are common for the young locals, but you can not hit this twist full speed - either direction the local farmer that own's these fields is always dragging binned hot hatches out of them. The bridge incline makes the car go light loosing turn traction, when it lands the over-compensation fires it way off course into the field.


The drive back turns dark, and wet


Tricky conditions, plenty of wind as well not that you can see it


Some nice lighting when we have it though.


For your information we took the dark blue route in both directions.

View the full journey below

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Nice trip I wish you all the happiness and prosperity for the new year 2018.


Thank you, and Happy New Year to you as well.

Thank you for this wonderful post always surprised us with important pictures and information.
Happy year to you and all the family and friends and all participants will see you well in 2018 and more tender.
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Nice trip ,
I see friendly name " Bradford and Manchester " because of premier league .
Happy new year .


Thank you for the view and comment, yes very big football cities. Ha

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Great pictures


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Nice post happy new year my friend


Happy new ye

Happy New Year @c0ff33a.
may all your dream come true in the coming new year


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Nice post my dear friend


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