Earn $5 in Dash for Retweet on Twitter!

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Amanda B. Johnson from "Dash Detailed" is running a campaign for 24 hours where all you have to do is retweet her top "pinned" tweet on her account https://twitter.com/AmandaB_Johnson on twitter!


  • Your twitter account must have been created before June 2017
  • Campaign ends 12 pm Eastern on Thursday, June 22 (or 18:00 UTC).
  • You must have your Dash wallet address in your Bio on twitter
  • You will be payed within 6 hours

This is a great way to earn some easy Dash if you already have a twitter account that was active before June 2017!

Check out her video explaining this here..

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Appreciate the heads up. DASH is always welcome in my pocket. BTW doesn't Amanda B Johnson have a Steemit acount? Will you link it in your post?

ThankS for the HeadS UP !! - ))

greb'Z )

Thanks for this! Now it's time to wait :D

Amazing stuff thanks for sharing