RESTEEM CONTEST! We're giving away a signed copy of "Dark Pinup"!

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I’m excited to announce that @wcpublishing and I are giving away a copy of Dark Pinup, signed by myself and @ryanashley, exclusively here on Steemit! This resteem contest is only available to our community and this platform, and I applaud @wcpublishing for recognizing how important Steemit has been in my career and the role it’s played in allowing me to share my work; much of which is featured within the pages of the book. 


That’s it! If you do those things, you’ll be eligible to win the singed copy of Dark Pinup, available now at or Contest ends next Friday, April 13th! We'll be choosing a winner at random. No purchase or shipping necessary.

If you’re near the Las Vegas area, join us for the Dark Pinup book release party at The Artisan Hotel, Thursday, April 19th from 8 - 11:00p.m. An over the top party featuring burlesque performances by @masuimimax, Roxi D’Light, Marie Devilreux and Jessa Thunder. Many of the models featured within the pages of Dark Pinup will be greeting and signing copies as well. 

I’m endlessly grateful for the Steemit community for giving me a platform that honors and respects my work. Thanks for reading, resteeming and supporting me and artists across the world.  

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Very funny putting an "at" symbol next to @masuimimax's name like she has a Steemit account, tease!

Edit: Rules say "HASHTAG #darkpinupbook" but when we Resteem we cannot change or add anything to what you put. Rules are borked, free books for every entrant!


HAHA! @cryplectibles, I actually set @masuimimax’s Steemit account up. It’s real. She just hasn’t posted yet. When Steemit moved in to the top 1,000 on the Alexa rankings, I was getting worried someone would steal her name. I registered it through just so she’d have it when Steemit explodes. She’s a really close friend and I’ve done the same for a few other friends like @ryanashley and @joshbalz. I realized the same thing about the rules after I posted them. I’m just going to go through the resteems and catalog them all, then chose someone at random.


I am not a lawyer, but I think @cryplectibles has a point here.


Given the original post already has #darkpinupbook as a tag then it should be ok, right?


Yeah, lol. @see.feel.write. You’ve all been opted in to the hashtag use.

Very usefull information, thanks for sharing to us, i like your post and have upvote and resteem your post to more than 1800 my follower,...success for you...#darkpinupbook


Thank you @abialfatih! I’m appreciate that.

Congrats man! This is a beautiful piece of work- I wish you all the success you rightfully deserve!


Thanks very much @jrb450. It was great catching up with you at the Steemit Meetup!

interesting book in terms of cover looks exclusive. easy - the book is a lot of fans and selling well in the market.. Thanks.


I really hope so @yudisb07!


Well thank you very much @muzamilawais!

Resteemed, would love to see this book on my coffee table! #darkpinupbook


Thank you, @agr8buzz. I’m a dick about books and graphic design, and @wcpublishing almost fetishizes well made, well put together books, and we both think this thing came out cover to cover perfect. Thanks so much.

Congrats on the publishing of your book. I think it's really cool that @wcpublishing is supporting you on this signed copy give away.

I've considered many times to put together a coffee table cookbook, more of a food photo book than recipes or perhaps both, I don't know. Any recommendations?


Thank you @gringalicious! They’ve been so great. My friend Shannon has done two books with them and I love and respect her as an artist and a business woman. When @wcpublishing approached me about doing a book, I knew they’d be great. It’s been the best collaborative experience of my career. We all just get each other.

I’m really going to talk to them about your work and food photography. They publish niché artists and subcultures and I think you would all be a perfect fit. I’ll be seeing a lot of them during Viva Las Vegas so I’ll give them a pass through your Steemit feed.

Also, one other thing I’ve been meaning to ask. You’re on the Steemit chat often. Can I message you on there? I have a couple Steemit related questions for you?


Upvote, restem and follow would be deserved even if there was not #darkpinupbook contest, @kommienezuspadt! Great work, I know what adventure making a book can be. I'm glad you've made it :)


Thanks so much @photo-trail. I’ve always been grateful for the support and resteems you’ve given me. I feel like my photography has reached so many artists in our community because of you. The book turned out so beautiful. So much work, but absolutely worth the time.


post a very useful, thanks for sharing, I have vote and resteem your post. I am very glad to know you, you exceptional @kommienezuspadt


Thanks so much @bahaphotography! I appreciate that.

Very good share. Thanks

Resteemed, and bravo! Score one for the good guys : ) #darkpinupbook


HA! Thanks very much @steven.nam!

Hey @kommienezuspadt! I’ve been following you and watching the process of creation of your #darkpinupbook from the beginning and I’m really happy for you! It would be an honor to have your book and I would keep it like a treasure. I know that you worked hard on it. So I’m joining the contest. Your blog is very inspiring and what you do is really cool. Keep it up, mate!

@kommienezuspadt, hopefully the event runs smoothly and successfully for Dark Pinup's release party at The Artisan Hotel, Thursday, April 19, 2018 #darkpinupbook

Wow great gift for all of us your fans.

I want it #darkpinupbook

wow, nice post sir @kommienezuspadt.. upvoted followed and re-steem .. keep posting sir, i like your all post :)


Yeah! Thanks @azilanaitmay825. Thank you. Are you posting on Steemit chat as well?

How could I not upvote and resteem #darkpinupbook? Keeping it sexy but classy, and huge props to @wcpublishing for working with content creators and understanding the Steem ecosystem.

Congrats man! This is so exciting!

Your #darkpinupbook looks amazing, you are a great photographer.

Wow post you are very good,

Did those things, and can't help but wonder why anyone would singe such a splendid book. :) Ha. Sorry! You wrote: "If you do those things, you’ll be eligible to win the singed copy of Dark Pinup" - happy to support and promote your work, and not because I might win something in a contest.