Dark Web Market, Alphabay, Shut Down By Law Enforcement In The Biggest Operation Ever.

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The criminal economy of the dark web suffered one of its biggest blows when law enforcement officials of the US, and other countries, tracked down and busted one of the biggest market place for drugs and other illegal items on the dark web.

Alexandre Cazes, 25, the alleged head of Alpha Bay, who was found dead a week after he was arrested by the Thai police.
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In a massive operation which was tightly coordinated, was led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and the Dutch National Police, with the active support of Europol.

The alleged architect of the marketplace Alphabay, Alexandre Cazes, 25, a Canadian, had accidentally given out his personal email id (pimp_alex_91@hotmail.com) to new users in a welcome message when they joined, which apparently was how the officers got to him.

The authorities of his country and that of the US were after him for sometime and his house in Bangkok had been raided at the beginning of this month at the request of the US authorities, and he had been arrested.

Incidentally, he was found dead in his cell a week later.

Besides Alphabay, another marketplace, Hansa, was also shut down similarly.

The operation could be considered one of the biggest busts by the authorities after it had taken down another dark web marketplace called Silk Road, a few years ago, as Alphabay had grown so big that it was almost ten times the size of Silk Road.

Check the BBC news video below for more....

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All I could look at was that Aventador :D

Nah, but on a serious note, this is some crazy shiet..


Seems it is business-as-usual in the dark web after this closure though. The vendors there seem resilient and are back selling through other sites!


The dark web is a scary place.. There's a reason you have to download some sketchy looking software and a VPN to even access it.. Hectic stuff.

Love how he just happens to show up dead...


These deaths happen too frequently for my liking too.


It's just strange how convenient his death is.

There was a lot of comment that the trial of DPR brought even more attention to darknet markets, and many people thought that it's the reason AB/Hansa got so big.

It was a lot more convenient for this guy to die, less public that way.

I love it how the spin the narrative that there were victims, people died of the drugs while at the same time 10.000x more die of legal optiods.