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Hello DAPSX community, as we mentioned on our website https://dapsx.io/ one of our goals is to be the true DAPS project that once was planned, we believe that by showing the true personalities of the current DAPS team, we are helping any future investor to acknowledge the difference between both teams/coins.

ADEL de Meyer

Adel de Meyer is a born female from SouthAfrica, who currently lives in Australia, she started as Public Relationships Manager for PEEPCOIN while the project DAPS was in transition, she later on (after the well known Peepcoin Pump n Dump scheme) became DAPS Co-Founder, because when you sink a boat you are entitled to call yourself the new co-captain, makes no sense at all but that’s what happened.

1 adel co founder.jpg

The investors were desperate, and they decided to accept what she wanted to be, a co-founder, and we say accept because we know Adel’s true behavior, if you don’t follow what she says, she just will blacklist you.

2 adel CE.jpg

After June, it took 6 months to conclude the DAPS airdrop, 6 months to airdrop an erc-20 Token, but now they want us to believe they have 6 devs working? 6 devs that couldn’t do an erc20 token before? What makes you think that they will indeed, develop the mainnet, or is this just the same scenario that happened during the PCN/DAPS transition, in which they claimed to be working on the mainnet, to later on just dump their tokens and exit scam, not before they got death threats forcing them to go back and work on DAPS project again.


Here is the proof, the roadmap for 2018, at late Q1 2018 the DAPS community was supposed to have the mainet complete, but it took until june to reveal that they never worked on it, and then they exit scammed on every investor, now they claim to be working on the mainnet, but if so, where is the source? is this another attempt to exit scam?


One concern we had and that we mentioned before, are the wallets and how unknown they are, here she specifies what they are being used for, but they don’t show any ledger of that, our favorite part is ‘’ if your concern is exit scamming trust me we would have done it long ago’’ yes , do we have to remind you of the PCN chart every time? In case it wasn’t clear the first time here it goes again.

7 pcn crash.jpg

So, as we mentioned, even though they claim to have their code ready, their source is hidden and in the words of DAPS team themselves, will never be public, so lets get this straight.

Dash has their Github Public

4 dash github.jpg

PIVX has their Github Public

5 pivx github.jpg

And yes, Bitcoin has their github open source too

6 btc github.jpg

We can go and on with the many projects with real tech behind it which have their source code open and in fact have helped many other projects to create their own based on theirs, so why a token with ‘’supposed ‘’ working product finished is not open source? Not now or ever?

Can a Pump n Dump project be that special? The answer is simple, it is not, either it doesn’t exist, or its another fork, but they would be going against the law if they don’t give credit to the coin they are being forked from, but we know so well they don’t care about others, right?

7 pcn crash.jpg
PCN PnD by DAPS team

So the Initial SWAP, because it was a swap, not an airdrop. And we will explain why

Swap definition

8 swap.jpg

Ok, so a swap would be exchanging what was promised, PCN for DAPScoin, lets remark that word again, COIN, not token.

That was the initial plan from the beginning, meaning anyone who sends a coin receives the other in exchange.

The problem with Airdrops is that they are controlled, they are not automatic, they can be controlled to whom it gets sent, which ends up breaking the first rule settle by them, which was, every PCN holder will get DAPScoin, now not that they didn’t get their coins, they got a token and even worse, some didn’t even get that at all.

Ok so what happened? That it went from SWAP to Airdrop


Captaindapper mentioned that even though it's an airdrop, every PCN holder would still get their tokens. (Not coins, but Tokens instead)

10 airdrop.jpg

Then he said it again in a longer announcement.


Let’s focus on this part

12 swap.jpg

We don’t want to focus on Captaindapper (yet) but: If the project manager of PCN/DAPS said that EVERY PCN holder would get DAPS token, why is Adel and her team denying claims? Need proof of that? Sure


Yes guys, as Adel said, whats better? Wait or nothing?

Let’s do some math together, lets imagine one person had 50m (which was what Adel got paid for being part of their team ,we will get there later) 50m since June until this date would get us something around 30m just in stakes and at current BTC prices which are 4k as we speak, and knowing PCN was at 21 satoshis in June (meaning it could be higher by now) it would be something around 25-30k usd if it stayed at the same price, if it would be at 50 satoshis we would be talking about 60k, plus the cost of the 50m 100k, meaning it would be around 160k as of today prices but instead at daps token prices we would get 4k usd at current prices, so from 160k to 4k, what’s better Adel, wait or nothing? I would say wait, but that’s up to you, you are the one who decides what goes and what doesn’t correct?


You can’t say there wasn’t a PCN 1:1 to daps now, as everyone knows it was that way, one google search or YouTube search would give you that information.

Or just their website, they haven’t erased the swap link yet

By the way, we notice that you started adding ads to every single page you have, just wondering but... where are those profits going by the way? I mean, you guys never mentioned them, but that’s no surprise, isn’t it?


So first, you rob every investors money by dumping PCN, and then proceed to keep stealing money by not giving people their daps tokens and now, taking profit from google ads? How low can you go from there?

You guys are probably asking, hey, why are you all saying that she knew about the dump prior the announcement, she had no clue. Well.


Yes, it looks like none had any inside info, but what about this?


Ok but maybe she didn’t receive any inside info, maybe she didn’t know about it. Oh wait.


So, there was or there wasn’t inside info?

But no guys, Adel didn’t sell any coins prior the announcement, what are you saying.
This is a screenshot from Captain dapper's wallet sending 50m PCN.

Don’t believe us?


Captain dapper himself saying those 50m were paid to Adel, which went to this address


And yes of course it has 1 coin less due to the 1 PCN fee

So the announcement was on the 27th


but we saw a drastic crash of price a week before that, wonder why? Not much, just your Dev team selling their coins.


Still trust them?

So then she goes and act as the victim, once the felony is done.


So is that the whole reason why you started DAPS token? To keep your career going?

You mean, a career like this?


A career in which you call any person against you a troll?


Or the one in which you make fun of people on twitter?


Or you mean the one in which they mention they admire you but now they don’t so that gets you.. what piss?

Or the one you text people over DM with attacks?


Oh wait no, we know what career you are talking about, you mean this one


The one in which your so called ‘’fans’’ give you compliments, that career?

You know what’s that called Adel? It’s called narcissism


Adel's Behavior

But what happens when their ‘’fans’’ don’t listen to her? She decides to quit (again)



Ok we are confused, are you leaving or not? Should we add Bipolar problems to the list as well?

And, keep the price down? That’s your own fault Adel, when you dump a coin from 21 satoshis to subsatoshi, of course there will be people wanting an exit, whoever bought at 4 will try to sell at 4, whoever bought at 8 will try to sell at 8, seeing it won’t happen they sell at a loss, none is affecting your coin, but we can’t say the same about your team can we? We notice you buying DAPSX high and selling low, I mean, there are people who are bad at trading but this is not being bad, this is price manipulation and we know who’s behind it.


Here we clearly see Adel saying she will reveal the people’s identities, after the signed NDA that they agreed to submit, that is highly illegal and this can be used as a proof of break of agreement.

But we know Adel de Meyer is not the best at keeping agreements, after all they decided to break their agreement with PLAAK after they received their token, let me give a brief resume.

DAPS token decided that after their PnD scheme, they wanted a second round (also they received death threats so they got scared) Since they had no developers they couldn’t develop daps, so they decided on another approach, this time through an erc-20 token as they are easy to do, what they did was simple, they found a service provider and went with it, so let’s get this one more time, they hired someone else to do an erc-20 token, I mean, didn’t they have devs during PCN working on daps? And then, if your devs can’t even let me repeat it CAN'T EVEN code an erc-20 token, how do you expect them to develop something as daps wants to be.


Would this end there? No, it’s Adel, it never ends there.


PLAAK made an announcement in regard of this issue later on.


Showing Adel has no respect for investors, companies, exchanges, or anyone who is against what she wants or thinks she deserves.

One thing they brag about is Adel traveling the world spreading the word of DAPS, hey pals, if you pay me the same as Adel for traveling and taking selfies, then hit me up, where do I sign? And you would say, well it’s her money, let her spend it, yeah. That could work if she would be paying the airplane tickets herself, but that’s most likely not the case, I can guarantee 100% those flights are being taken from the daps fund, and after this post they will change to be charged to Adel’s, which is good as we are forcing her to lie one more time about her finances in order to keep her reputation going, but just don’t be blind, they don’t show you proof of the minimum of their finances, what makes you think they won’t include Adel’s first class worldwide trips to spread the word of empowering females around the world? Correct, nothing.


Germans are well known for being straight forward, they know her behavior is stupid and would just backfire as bad rep, which it actually is, and what has Adel have to say to that? Yes, correct, get mad, offended, and tell them about her leaving again.


But well, we may not get anything from those DAPS trips we all pay for Adel with our daps token fund, BUT at least, we get cool pictures from her trips, that’s something right?


Nice purse Adel, you bought it with our money too?


Oh, here we go again, so now you are the leader? Here in DAPSX we care about our community, there aren’t any leaders, there isn’t a team working against community, there is a core and community vote, something daps never knew and will never know, it’s even on their code of governance, a decentralized coin.. with a code of governance, isn’t that ironic? H-Adel, something you should know about ‘’leaders’’ is they never leave their followers behind, they don’t just Pump and Dump and then Exit Scam.

But for the record, DAPS had no faces at it beginning either, or have you forgot that as well?


So it’s alright for you guys to be anonymous, but it isn’t for anyone else? Right.

What’s next? Make fun of erc20 tokens once you guys do your main net? Q1, Q2? We lost the track as you keep changing it every time.

So what’s the best way to use your influence over other projects?

Same way captain dapper did with PWR,PXN,ONDORI,VESTX, send your troops to attack others and then deny that you guys started first.



But yes Adel and Breck, you never said anything bad about other projects, that’s a complete lie. Right?

Some follow what she commands, but what happens when they don’t? then she must do something herself.
She creates multiple fake accounts.Look Adel, you can create as many fake accounts as you want, but you will never be able to hide something, the way you type.


I mean, it’s so sad that you, Adel, have to cheer people up with fake accounts to go defend you on twitter, come on, get some respect, where are your so called fans? Or are they just in your imagination?

So what’s next? She can’t control people, then she goes and ban anyone who joins any other coin that is not DAPS.


But what can you expect, from a person who defends someone using such vocabulary.


She even went on and blamed us for not getting listed on Binance.


There is something you are forgetting Adel, Binance doesn’t list scam coins.


Adel de Meyer Breaking her own NDA

But here is where it gets better, Adel de Meyer can get mad at people for breaking their NDA and then attack them saying they will leak their private information, that is breaking the NDA yourself btw, Adel, anyways, so… you can harass people that way but wait, you asked Bitcoin Incognito to apply for PR job? Adel the Meyer, co-founder of DAPscoin wanted to apply for another job? You ban people for joining other coins, for investing in other coins but YOU applied for a job at bitcoin Incognito, you should feel disgusted about yourself, we can’t say how much we are happy you got rejected.

But why does Adel do all those things?


And why did she dump her PCN?


She answers the questions herself.

They claim themselves to be a DECENTRALIZED - ANONYMOUS - PAYMENT - SYSTEM , but how can you be decentralized, when the Founders themselves, decide who to give the tokens to, if anything it should be called CAPS.

adel aidrop.jpg

Look Adel, you can make statements and pay people to do confirmations that your token is not a security, just so you don’t get the SEC on you (which btw only shows you are scared)


But there is something you can’t erase or hide


And that is the people you scammed.

The people who lost it all after the PCN crash that you and Captain dapper (Breck Nevers) caused.

7 pcn crash.jpg
dont care about money.jpg

Of course you don't care about it Breck, of course you don't...

Justice will be done, the proof is out there, and people won’t stop until this felony gets to an end.
You laughed because you got someone in jail thanks to PCN?
Well I hope you laugh when it happens to the mastermind scammers themselves too.

In the meantime, we hope you guys had a good X-MAS and a happy new year, from one of the so called X-MEN.

77 merry xmas.jpg

There is more evidence to be released, stay tuned.

The DAPSX team

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So Adel is back on Twitter, this time making a fuss on CoinMarketCap because DAPS apparently dropped a ton in their ranking when CMC updated their methodology. She's being a bit of a bitch there, rallying people to be on her side quite easily since her stance is speaking up for all the "honest" projects out there. She makes it a point to appear everywhere and tries to ruin their reputation, has gotten some nice coverage by Forbes too, with no fear that the world knows about her past. Does this sound like a tactic she would use?