New Q & A Series on YouTube: Submit Your Questions!

in dapps •  6 months ago

Our marketing team is starting a new Q&A series on YouTube and will be starting very soon. You can submit your questions directly into the comments and we will be creating weekly videos to answer them.

Here’s the intro for this new series:

We look forward to your questions, stay tuned for the first Q&A video which will be released soon.

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Official website:

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What's the worth of 1 Onot as of now?


They aren't listed on any exchange yet, so there is no market price of ONOT.

I love ONo simple platform, wish Ono will be the best ....

I want to know if ono will only be used on the phone or can it be used on the computer, when will it go out in Latin America in Spanish? Thank you for your answers @onosocial


Currently, there is no web version of ONO, so you will have to download the app on your mobile.

And the international version will be announced soon.

This app really looking cool,thanks @mammasitta.

follow me on ONO at pairmike