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Steepshot is one of steem's interfaces. It is a phase chiefly to share visual experiences and lifestyles through exchanging of photos - one of the very few steem-based dapps that offers steemians the shot of doing just this. Here, customers get the chance to share their lifestyles and catch minutes by displaying pictures on the steem decentralized database. Toward the day's end, steepshot continues running on the steem blockchain.

Steepshot dapp is an interface both to steem and golos organize.

For the steem organize, the dapp at present rewards customers in steem cash for sharing photos/minutes anyway everything thought of it as, would have it's own stage token with the use of SMT.

Steepshot is at present in alpha. From open data on, steepshot dapp starting at now positions #121 and has around 28 dynamic customers step by step, multi step by step, and around 372 powerful customers month to month.

Steepshot has a web dapp and flexible application for IOS devices, its an Android application having starting late been removed from Google play store.

Joining On Steepshot Web Dapp

Joining on steepshot dapp generally anticipates that you should have a working steem account (althugh the dapp moreover continues running on golos arrange)

To sign in on the web dapp,

To utilize the web dapp, pick steepshot for web from the choice above. This takes you to the web dapp landing page here:

Obviously you should see distinctive pictures from the over ones when you do your own sign in.

  • Click on sign in (featured in red) at the upper right corner of the page.

  • In the accompanying page displayed above, you are given options which arrange you wish to use the dapp on - steem or golos. Our stress here is on steem, So we select the steem sort out.

On steepshot, you have the choice to sign into the stage clearly with your steemit showing key or on sign in with steemconnect. In reality, I lean toward stamping in honestly with my posting key since it saves time. Additionally, there's quite harm in using my posting key on a pariah site. Whichever suggests you sign in with, you'll at last end up inside the dapp with full access to its features.

Making Your Moments(making posts)

Making posts with steepshot is extremely clear - as fundamental as the stage itself. On stamping into the phase with your keys, you ought to get to the full features of the dapp as in the screen catch underneath:

  • Now head over and click on the make post catch (in red feature). This opens your info/writng page

  • Upload your photograph by tapping on the highest region of the page to open and choose your favored picture from your gadget exhibition.

  • Fill in your title, labels, and an exceptionally concise depiction of what the picture is about

  • Once done, click creat new post at the base of the page to distribute your shot.

Features Of Steepshot Web Dapp

Basically, steepshot web dapp is organized in such straightforwardness that any noob to the stage can without a doubt understand the stray pieces missing much ado. The dapp is without ambiguous parts. A part of its features are:

Scrutinize: Which permits you examine through posts/pictures by various customers. The post are in three imperative orders viz HOT, NEW, and TOP

Different TAGS: The dapp supports diverse marks - as much as 20 for each post. This is so not typical for most media dapps that administer space for an utmost of five marks for each post.

Spring up messages: With this, you may purchase in to get alerts on activities like comments, upvotes, posts, seeks after, etc for you.

WALLET: Beautifully organized, here is the spot you can see your record changes.

Request BUTTON: To enable you find posts with respect to any issue.

Steepshot supports photo sizes more significant than 640×480 pixel. Anything shy of this would be rejected.

It similarly permits you set whether to see low assessed and nsfw posts

My Take On Steepshot Dapp

Well done ABOUT IT:

Steepshot has different unprecedented features that make it the favored dapp for sharing photos. The most discernible of these is the fundamental structure as it makes the route toward exchanging/making posts quiet which it could be said makes the dapp simple to utilize.

The diverse marks the dapp licenses customers is moreover another favored point of view as it gives the posts an increasingly broad reach and viewership. In addition, there's basic passage to the dapp as it has both a web dapp and adaptable application.

Up until this point, I see no downside with @steepshot web dapp. Nevertheless, I feel the gathering should consider something to address the stress of customers for an Android application since it got eradicated from play store by the Google gathering.


4/5 stars is befitting for steeepshot... for unraveling minute sharing and lifestyle.


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