Kim Dotcom Should Consider Building On the Steem Blockchain

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Kim Dotcom tweeted a couple months ago about building a competitor to twitter's platform. He is working on the website located here. This intrigues me, as websites like minds, gab, and others possible solutions have recently popped up to provide censor resistant services that can enable creators and consumers to view the content they would like without interference.

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Steem provides many unique advantages to the other cryptocurrency tokens such as,'s erc-20 implementation. The Minds tokens currently have one critical flaw. They will generally cost more to transfer than they are worth. Say you have an erc-20 token that isn't being traded anymore, or was never traded on exchanges. These tokens are indeed worthless, even selling them to someone would often negate the cost of transferring erc-20 tokens because of GAS fees.


Steem enables fee-less transactions. This feature speaks for itself really. Not many other chains have been able to work this out without having critical network security issues. Steem's robust voting system combined with the witness network makes it incredibly resistant to attacks. As the witnesses will have incentives to make sure the network continues to operate smoothly.

EOS may not have this advantage. As money flooded in, it created a environment where larger stakes had incentives against unification, as the freezing of accounts was allowed. If ETH can meet expectations with Casper maybe it could solve some of these problems users currently face with the tokens. The fact remains that this is no guarantee.

Kim Dotcom could post today with his own Dapp, inside the Steem blockchain. Steem along with the new decentralized IPFS networks, can store the required data for users on the website. The term Dapp is often debated by Steemians. I would consider one example of a Dapp to be a front end for the Steem blockchain. Keep in mind that Dapps, like, or, do not run the back end of the network. They only inject and then display the data. The witness network is what is in "control" of the chain's daily operation.

I believe if Kim Dotcom does decide to build inside a decentralized network, it's clear to me that Steem would be one of the only viable options today. I believe Steem's blockchain with or without Kim Dotcom, will be able produce a viable competitor against the giant, especially once Hard Fork 20 commences. As it can increase the flow of user accounts signups. You can continue reading more about Hard Fork 20 by heading over to @steemitblog.

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I strongly believe in the ability of Dapps to bring the blockchain to the mainstream; A decentralized alternative for Twitter should appeal to a lot of people. And if they could use that dapp without having to worry, or even know anything about the blockchain it's running on, it would boost mass adoption like Steemit never could.

Thanks for the update @gray00 :-)


I agree, the increase of user adoption arrives once user accounts are easier to make and eventually when UI interfaces improve like twitter accomplished with it's development over time.

Very nice post on Steem Blockchain. In my point of view it is really useful.


Thank you :)

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So, did anyone tweet back to him about coming over and build the competition here?


Not that I have seen. Wouldn't be a bad idea now that you say that. :D

On the link you provided you can request an interview, maybe we should see if it's possible to do a dlive interview with him...great post gray

Thaks For The Update.

Great idea @gray00 - I hope they see your post soon enough.

Good news for new users in the plataform my friend @gray00. Good information and great job. A hug for you from Venezuela.