tata: A Decentralized Social Media Where Every Moment is Worth Sharing

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Decentralized social media is something that has definitely come to stay, it gives everyone freedom to speak their mind without censorship. tata is not the first Decentralized social media, but they brought something entirely unique to the ecosystem. You don't need to have a Desktop or Laptop computer to be able to use use tata, with just your smartphone (Android or iPhone) anywhere/anytime and you are good to go. Isn't that Amazing?


tata is a Decentralized social media mobile application built on the TTC Blockchain that people can use to upload and share media contents such as images and videos of their lifestyle and daily activities to the world, and view shared content of others as well. It has many users all over the world and the sweet part is that users can earn token rewards (ACN) by posting contents and interacting with others.

Sign up process

The mobile application is downloadable for free on the Android PlayStore and iOS Appstore.

At first, I thought that the app was for only those in China but I was wrong, it includes dialing codes of other country and even countries in Africa. Once you download and open the app, you have to keep scrolling downwards till you see the dialing code of your country.


After selecting the dialing code of your preferred country, type in your mobile and a text message will be sent to your device in seconds for verification. The next important thing to do is selecting areas of interest and setting up your (profile picture, username, location, bio, etc).

The whole signup process is pretty straightforward, just start having fun by making new friends, like and comment on images and videos you find interesting and share your own (original) content.


Reputation matters a lot on tata, it determines the amount of heat point you could give to content of interest and heat points factor in the amount of ACN you could earn on a post. Once you abide by the rules, your reputation increases and when you deviate, reputation reduces.

Before users can earn token rewards known a ACN, they must download TTC connect application and do a KYC registration to be able to connect both apps.

Final Thoughts...

In comparison with Steemit, I'd say that it is somewhat easier and faster to sign up on tata social media. Although they're best of both worlds and I like trying out new stuff. If you're like me and you like to try out new stuff as well, download tata and give it a shot. It's definitely worth trying and my experience so far has been undoubtedly spectacular.

Useful links

tata website
iOS app
Android app
TTC connect app


I also love uploading my pics on Tata

One thing that Tata got going is the fact that it is easy to use.

it's an amazing app

I've heard about Tata, now I'm hearing it again. I guess it's time to give em a try.
Cool bro