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in dandelions •  15 days ago 

These dazzling dandelions are growing beautifully in my friend's garden. The children love them but I love them more💛💚 Have a lovely day 🌈

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Howdy again clitadias! Wonderful shot there, are they growing those in their garden?

Yes [email protected]😊 They really have a good collection of rare plants and flowers in their garden🙏

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That's beautiful and over there they can have a garden year-round right?

Summer is pretty hot tho, but they use special fertilizers to protect plants.

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Oh good, that makes sense. I'm sure they have it all figured out. Very good.

They sure do 😊

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I have not see them these pretty. Heck I seldom see dandelions! Very nice, @ clitadias🌺🤙

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Thank you @silversaver888 my eyes are always on the lookout for the rare ones🤗💐🥰hugs in bunches 💐 and lots of love too

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