@dan Dan Larimer YOU ARE A THIEFsteemCreated with Sketch.

in #dan6 years ago

Put the 130 BILLION POINTS back in my account you fact little mole looking bitch.

Oh, EOS is a piece of SHIT and STEEM is a piece of shit too.

You Dan Larimer and and your partner in crime Ned Scott stole 130 BILLION POINTS from my account you two little pricks.

I will now destroy STEEM, STEEMIT and EOS with the biggest negative news cycle you clowns will ever witness.

I have also reported the both of you to authorities for THEFT.

Who am I you two little con men, I'm an international judge that came here to DESTROY YOUR SCAM.

Decentralized STEEM Bullshit

Dan and Ned both STOLE 130 BILLION POINTS from my account.

Now you will both pay as I destroy STEEM and EOS.

Watch your stock Monday it's gone, into vapor.

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