Who is beyond Satoshi? Daniel Larimer. What is beyond Bitcoin?

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Could 2018 be the year that Daniel Larimer is finally recognised for his incredible contribution to blockchain technology innovation and applied utility?

I certainty hope so.

Of all the chief architects behind blockchain innovation, Dan has proven time and again that he has the combination of technical skill and vision to bring blockchains out of the largely niche, experimental phase and into the mass utility, mass adoption phase.

From DAC's (Decentralised Autonomous Corporations) to DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake,) from Protoshares to Graphene powered Bitshares, Steem and the potential DAWN of a new age with EOS, Dan and his team have truly pushed the envelope of what is possible. What's more, they do it with a vision in mind, a core and foundation of integrity against which they risk all and allow themselves to be judged. This vision has the power to unify every single person on this planet, unlock human co-operation and productivity to levels never before conceived and to usher in an age of true civilisation to our world.

The protection of life, liberty and property.

All our wars, much of the destruction of our environment, the ignorance we live in and a huge part of the pain that many live with the world over, can be attributed to assaults upon these three foundations of self-ownership and free existence.

I hope we can grasp the opportunity presented to us with the tools that Dan and his team are building for us. Thankfully, so many are becoming aware of the difference between tech that works and tech that doesn't. Steem has been an unparalleled revelation and gifted many, many thousands with a glimpse of what is possible. Bitshares, a decentralised exchange or DEX, light years ahead of it's time, has grown organically as one by one, we each awaken to the reality that exchanges cannot be centralised and that we have an astonishing incredible alternative.

The state of crypto

Is anyone here concerned with the amount of capital that is flooding into the crypto market?

Is anyone concerned about the number of questionable projects and outright scams are listed and having money thrown into them?

Is anyone concerned with the amount of blatant market manipulation that is occurring in the crypto market?

If you are not concerned about these things, I respectfully suggest that you should be. There are centralised projects that present themselves as decentralised. There are promising projects that cannot deliver because they cannot scale. There are vapourware projects galore. There are outright Ponzi schemes. There are tokens with false reserves. There are entrenched banking interests utilising their considerable resources to co-opt, undermine, destroy, control or otherwise corrupt blockchain technology in general so that they can own it.

What this means is that when you see the price of many of these projects going up and up, the great alt bull run, consider that you might not have a complete understanding of why. Therefore you may not have a complete understanding of the risks.

Imagine the shock to global sentiment if Bitcoin and Ethereum catastrophically crash in value. Imagine how few people would be able to get their money out of exchanges and into a "safe" place with everything in freefall. The fact is, Bitcoin and Ethereum are at risk of collapse because they cannot scale, have expensive transaction fees and are incredibly wasteful and centralised. It's all fun when everything is on the up and technical chart charlatans are selling you "consolidation," "2nd wave," "head and shoulders" and "breakout!" But, when something big does happen, I wonder who will be left holding all the bags?

Fortunately, Daniel Larimer and his team are focusing on dapps where the user does not need to be aware of the fact that they are running on a blockchain. Hopefully this means that if the crypto market receives a shock, millions of people will still onboard to blockchain tech and all the wonderful benefits because they will see value and utility in the dapps!

So thank you Dan, Dan's development team, the Bitshares developers, workers and witnesses, the Steem and Steemit developers and witnesses, all the other graphene based projects, Block One and all those doing their part to build, launch and run EOS.

Whatever the challenges, whatever happens to the crypto market, like the value of the internet exploding beyond the .com crash, the true value of blockchain is there for us to find, support and grow.




Happy Steeming

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It was inevitable that shysters and scam artist would be attracted to this market, people should always do their due diligence before investing in any ICO.
It's ironic how BTC and ETH are being considered 'old hat' already just as the world is starting to hear about them through the MSM but that is the nature of new technology, we've seen it before in other sectors.
Blockchain tech is still so new and while many of us here at Steemit are well versed the majority of the world still hasn't even heard of it and will more than likely opt for the less expensive alt coins when finally they invest. I'm not overly concerned with a huge overnight crash in BTC & ETH although I do have a phased exit strategy out of both in mind due to the scaling issues.
The biggest concern for me is the mass adoption of centralised blockchains run by governments, it may look and sound the same to the uneducated masses but we know it is not.
The best we can hope for it that happens if that we have achieved financial independence prior to it occurring because being forced into a government controlled blockchain currency would the next fiat scam that will be used to steal our wealth. Except this time there will be no physical currency available to escape the system with. Let's hope not eh!
Great post dude.


I share all of your concerns regarding the adoption of blockchains. My hope is that as more information is set free on platforms like steem, we can help educate each other concerning the differences and finer nuances of good and bad governance. Nothing is more important because blockchain tech can either set us free or completely enslave us. There is no middle ground. Thanks very much for the comment. It's really good to know that my concerns are shared :). Cheers bud.



The biggest concern for me is the mass adoption of centralised blockchains run by governments, it may look and sound the same to the uneducated masses but we know it is not.

I just did a recent post concerning a lot of what you are talking about. Here is an excerpt. I'd love to continue the conversation.

I'm not a prophet, nor the son of a prophet. I’m probably a bit more paranoid than some. I do see the signs of a possible fiat hyperinflation situation happening with the USD. Whether that is planned by the Banksters with their scapegoat target being crypto, or some kind of Real Value vs Faux Printed “Value” Economic Cold War 2.0, I don't know. Even if neither of those scenarios happen what would a strategy be for massive onboarding into a safe community of crypto in a very chaotic world look like? Imagine the potential of millions of people waking up, they start looking for help, and guess what - help is there. Not in the form of some power hungry oppressive government, but people who have it together. People who have the answers, or at least some answers. Imagine if you will, a community prepared for the worst with answers to such things as access to the internet and funds on the internet, as well access to a jobs market that pays in a digital currency that is not inflating like their current fiat is or is inflating at a specific known rate. Maybe a local level of self-governance like I wrote about above that is paid from a Dash style budget pool. I don’t know the details, but do you start to see the picture?


We will see many rise, we will see many fall... it is not just the idea, it is not just the utility... it is the mission ”the protection of life, liberty and property.” that will propel something forward.


I couldn't agree more.

This vision has the power to unify every single person on this planet, unlock human co-operation and productivity to levels never before conceived and to usher in an age of true civilisation to our world.

Amen my friend. Great post and resteemed. Dan deserves some major kudos and we have to stand together. It's not about the money we can make. It's about the decentralized tomorrow we can build.

I have to say this is probably the best post I've read since Dan's recent two.


Thank you very much. He really does but he doesn't go after it, makes him even greater.

Who knows, that Dan Larimer is infact Satoshi Nakamoto :)

In every new project that Dan Larimer undertakes, he is creating new benchmarks and learning from the past

I do not want this revelation to happen, cus that cud bring in loads of unnecessary troubles from Dan...


Who knows indeed, though for myself, I believe Dan is just Dan and always has been :). The best protection we all have from repression is each other and the process of decentralisation. It's worth bearing in mind that Dan's vision for blockchains is for everyone, the good the bad and the downright ugly. Everyone will have a chance to thrive into the future. With the right incentives, it's in everyone's interests to play by the rules and that is powerful.

Steemit works because of the people, I have faith in the team. Thank You @benjojo!


My pleasure:)

I agree that we should be concerned about altcoins coming out of nowhere and billions of dollars being thrown into them at break-neck speed. I am not buying into the hype of all these new crazy alt rallies. I prefer to buy and hold what I believe in rather than buy what has went up 100% in a day. I'm afraid I believe a lot of people are going to be losing a lot of money very soon.


That seems sensible to me. Fundamental value cannot disappear. When the hype, manipulation, hope and lies are gone, the true blockchain tech will remain. Best of luck.


It looks very suspicious to me as well. It feels like a huge amount of new money is pumping for a potential dump and blame game in 2018.

Something else dropped a few weeks back but I just got around to watching it. Jeff Berwick of The Dollar Vigilante (@dollarvigilante) explained how he sees an inevitable hyperinflation coming and speculated on how the banksters might use it to usher in their own new system of control. All these things together compelled me to write this. There is a collective conversation happening and I want to add my own thoughts to it.


Exciting times we live in, what an amazing legacy. Thank you Daniel Larimer.


Here here! 😊

Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of Bitcoin and initial creator of the Original Bitcoin client. He has said in a P2P foundation profile[1] that he is from Japan. Beyond that, not much else is known about him and his identity. He has been working on the Bitcoin project since 2007.


That is interesting information about Satoshi. I just wanted to check that you realise I know Dan is not Satoshi. I'm suggesting that he will take us beyond far Satoshi's accomplishments.....awesome though they are.

I just bought my first shares on Bitshares a couple days ago, only because of @dan 's vision and what I have read of his posts and on his blog about Bitshares which he hasn't updated in a while but I understand he is working behind the scenes now. I think :) Openledger looks to do just about everything I would need as a newbie investor, seems pretty simple to navigate, which should be great news moving forward to attracting a more mainstream market. I'm also sure there are ideas coming down the line that make it even more accessible.


I hope that Bitshares, Steem and many other tools born of Dan's tech, serve you well.


I wish the same for you my friend

@benjojo and I thought he was a Japanese. Wow. Amazing. I think irregardless of his nationality he did well

Loving the milk moustache. He likes cats, he must be a good person. But seriously, while I may not agree with ever single thing he stands for, he certainly knows how to create disruptive platforms that do much more good than harm.


I have to agree with you there! :)

When I searched relation between Satoshi and Dan, from Wikipedia, there is that:

The interactions between Daniel Larimer and Satoshi Nakamoto sparked one of the most infamous quotes from Satoshi towards Daniel Larimer:
"If you don't believe me or don't get it, I don't have time to try to convince you, sorry."

Is this something interesting?


Only that....even then, Satoshi's arrogance denied us all the benefit of Dan's insight. Bitcoin was a fantastic innovation and extremely valuable experiment, but desperately flawed. Perhaps Satoshi should have found the time.