Richard Cousins, CEO of CLINTON-LINKED Compass Group and Bruce Steinberg of Comey-Connected Hedgefund BRIDGEWATER, "Killed" in SUSPICOUS Airplane Crashes #STORM #FIREWORKS

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January 1- The CEO of one of Britain's biggest companies and four of his family members were "killed" in a seaplane crash in Australia on New Year's Eve. The Compass Group, a fortune 500 company, were major financial contributors to the Clinton Library in Little Rock, Arkansas. According to the Compass Group, they also "provided full-service LEED recertification consulting to the Clinton Foundation to assist them with achieving LEED-EB Platinum recertification for the William J. Clinton Presidential Library." which has been deemed "one of the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly places to work in the United States by the U.S. Green Buildings Council under its Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Program."

Also of note: Will Cousins, Richard's son who reportedly died in the crash, was a major anti-Brexit activist with Open Britain, said to be funded by George Soros.

Here is a short news report discussing the crash and the Canadian pilot who died:

The Compass Group (CMPGF), a Global Fortune 500 company providing international catering services and property management announced on Monday, January 1st, that CEO Richard Cousins, died when the aircraft crashed in New South Wales.

The second executive with deep state ties to reportedly die, with his entire family, in a suspicious airplane crash, was Bruce Steinberg, a Bridgewater Associates senior researcher. Bridgewater Associates is a Westport, Connecticut-based company and the world's largest hedge fund. It was founded by Ray Dalio, who confirmed Steinberg's death. Bridgeport Associates is the hedge fund with which James Comey used to be affiliiated before being appointed director of the FBI by Barack Obama. Steinberg, his wife, Irene, their three sons, along with another American family of four, an American tour guide, and two local pilots all reportedly died when their chartered flight crashed into a mountainside off the coast of Punta Islita, Costa Rica.

The Steinberg family lived in Scarsdale, New York, and were said to be philanthropists and prominent members of their local Jewish community. Bruce Steinberg, graduated from Columbia Business School, and Irene Steinberg, "was active with the UJA-Federation of New York" and the Scarsdale Women’s Philanthropy group.

So, are they dead? Were these planes blown out of the skies? These are two pretty high profile deep state players who "died" under suspicious circumstances with their entire families only one week after President Trump's executive order blocking property and freezing assets of people being investigated for major human rights offenses and international corruption that threatens national security.

Please read this excellent article from Puppet Strings News that outlines the Comey/Clinton deep state connections of Cousins and Steinberg:

Anti School You Tube Channel reports on the connections, and clarifies that at this point, we really don't have any evidence to go on other than the pronounced connections these two men both had to the several Clinton-related scandals that are currently re-surfacing.

Please support the Anti School You tube channel and subscribe to receive more of his great updates on the deep state take down.

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