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I am thankful for your reply on the steem sports post!

I am thankful to be part of the Blockchain Evolution with all you together!

I am thankful for the fresh mountain air I am breathing today.

To live on a part of this planet that isn't being bombed, to have a warm house and a slightly overfull stomach.

A happy evening with delicious food and good music.

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Spending time with family.

super thankful for my wonderful daughter :)

I'm thankful for this opportunity to be thankful and the resulting payment of steem and the opportunity to read other peoples posts that creates a positive feedback loop of thankfulness. ;)

I just got done with an amazing dinner, made mostly from food right here on my own homestead. Homegrown giant Italian red roasting peppers, stuffed with wild field mustard, wild chives, wild Jerusalem artichokes, and smoked herring. Grilled outdoors on a fire. With grilled polenta, a wild dandelion salad with homegrown elephant garlic flower vinaigrette. Homegrown figs for dessert. And a glass of Cabernet. You bet I am thankful for all of that! I can't convey how thankful I am for that. It was so, so good.

Today, i am thankful for Jehovah God our creator giving us the chance to serve Him in His Supremity, even though we are just mere dust!

I'm thankful for my wife.

I am thankful for the rising of steem :)

I am grateful for my very existence. I am grateful for the beautiful air that I believe. For the core of who I am and what the universe is. I am grateful for the wisdom that have attained in this lifetime, at my young age. I am grateful for this moment of clarity, for my high vibration and for this changing planet. I am thankful to all of the star civilizations that are helping us out. I am grateful for evil and darkness, for it allows us to appreciate the light - which is the only truth - in a way that we couldn't without the existence of duality. I am grateful for humanity and for the courage that exists within our hearts. I am appreciative of my current appretiation, and of my own full heart.

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Thankful for health, and my wife!

I'm thankful for my health.