Photography - Swamp Flower

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Things that are disgusting and terrible may also carry an aesthetic concern. It is also the human spirit ...
so do not ignore the ugly sides of the human soul!

Setting; Canon EOS 5D - f 2,8 - 1/250 - 151mm İZMİR/ TURKEY

Actually, I was looking for a lotus flower at the edge of the lake. maybe I could reach that beautiful and clean leafy plant on a filthy swamp. The day was about to be in the evening. Silence dominated the whole of nature. Maybe I heard the voice of a few victims. They must be greedily eats flies. Anyway, there are no flowers I'm looking for. I was very excited when I hit the road. At the end of the day I thought of just making a picture. The hot sun touches the burned grass ... Maybe I can reach him on another trip.
I hope you like it.

Ben Ceren ,

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It's like it, the photo creates a mood, and this is the main thing

You may not have found your flower but you did capture a moment of nature and truly a beautiful shot with the colors, reflections and shadows it tells a story!


thank you dear friend :)

Indeed if you likewith themindet you can find beauty almost everywhere
beautiful shot

Wow... I love this photo. Upvoted

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