Daily Pet Photography - Two rabbits munching on watermelon

in dailypetphotography •  2 months ago  (edited)

Hello dear Steemians!

Today I'm sharing a photo of my two lop-eared rabbits - Momo and Odie - munching on watermelon 😊

IMGP0213 (1).jpg

This is my submission for #dailypetphotography

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Very cute little guys! Are they your pets?

Yes, they were my pets. Unfortunately, they died some time ago :(

Oh, no... I'm sad to hear that.

Awwww...how cute and you always come up with the best names...Momo and Odie..Relly where do you get these funny names from 😀

Thank you, @hangin! The name of Momo (the white rabbit) was my idea, while Odie was my daughter's idea :) Both of them were she-rabbits, although at first we thought that Odie was a boy :) :) :)

So lovely and nice name your daughter picked :)

Hi @zanetaviz,

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The watermelon is fresh and sweet, and your pet are also cute.

Thank you, @putu! :)

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