Ollie Picking on Pachino

in dailypetphotography •  2 months ago 

Pachino couldn't understand why Ollie was being so mean to him but Pachino was determined to get back at Ollie.

"Ollie, why did you bite my leg? I didn't do anything to you."

"What the hell is wrong with you Ollie? Get off of me!"

"You need to chill out Ollie. Go get some catnip."

"You are going to be sorry. Pay backs are hell, Ollie!"

"You better not start with me again."

"I am warning you Ollie."

"Oh, no you don't Ollie!"

"I told you but you just didn't listen."

"HAHA! Gotcha!"

I yelled in a stern voice, "EASY!"

"Who...me? Us? We are innocent."

Have a great week everyone!

#dailypetphotography by @dpet and @kona

All photos are my own.

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😂 Love the looks when you broke out your 'mom' voice! "Innocent." Sure, that's what they all say.

Hugs to you Whatisnew and I hope that you have a fantastic week!

Hi sweet Brisby! Glad they made you smile. : )

Hugs back at ya Brisby! How is your garden doing?

Happy Friday, Whatisnew! The garden is coming along nicely, thank you. 🤗 I'll take some pics for you this weekend.

I hope that you have a magnificent day. 💜

Hi Sweet Brisby! Glad to hear that your garden is growing well and I am looking forward to the pics. Magnificent Friday? Nope, but I hope yours was. I have been sick all last week and yesterday was the worst day. My doc couldn't see me so he told me to go to urgent care. My head felt like it was going to explode all last week, my ear was hurting, my throat felt like it was closing up but it wasn't sore and I coughed when I laid down. Yesterday I had blood coming out of my sore ear. After telling the ER doc about what I did last weekend, he knew right away what was wrong. A week ago on Friday I went to the field to take pics. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw Goldenrods in full bloom. That is at least a month early for them. I was in that field for about and hour. The next day, Saturday, I went to the butterfly park. I was there a good 2 hours taking pics. There was a row of hundreds of black-eyed susans in bloom. I took so many picks and didn't sneeze while I was there but sneezed all night long. Last Monday morning I woke up with a LOT of pressure on my forehead and I thought my head was going to explode. I went downhill from there. The whole right side of my face and neck was swollen. Last Wednesday I started with a cough and my upper chest was heavy, and it felt like my throat was closing up. I thought I had a sinus infection. The ER doc told me no sinus infection, I have severe allergies. He put me on Steroids which I hate because I blow up like a balloon. Thank goodness I will only be on them for 7 days. I couldn't start the meds until this morning (Saturday) so I still feel like crap. Oh, the things I do to get good photos of nature. But as I told my family, it was worth it. LOL! You have a great weekend sweet brisby and stay away from goldenrods and hundreds of black-eyed susans. : )

Oh my dear friend, I'm so sorry that you were suffering so much last week! 😭 From what you told me, even the word severe sounds like an understatement.

I hope that the meds have kicked in by now and that the damned headache and your swelling have taken a hike. HUGS and so much LOVE to you my sweet lady and I'm praying that you're completely recovered so that you can breathe easy and enjoy your photographic journies again.

Of course you feel that it's worth it (I'm imagining their expressions when you told them though 😉). Being out in nature is too much of a joy to resist. 😁🤗 I'll be giving goldenrods and masses of black-eyed susans a sideways glance from here on out. Please take care hon and I hope that this week is a million times better for you. 💕

squirrel and cat.gif

Hi sweet Brisby! Thanks so much for your well wishes and prayers. Hugs! Today was the first day that I can say I have turned the corner. Thank God for that!

Aw, love the squirrel and the cat. That is you sweet Brisby. You have always got my back. Love you! : )

I am so happy that you're finally feeling better but wish that it hadn't taken so long. 🤗

Love you too my wonderful friend and we'll have to see about getting you an amped up lens for your camera so that you can take your photos from a safer distance. 💗

Thanks sweet Brisby! I still don't feel good but better is better than not or worse. That was a tongue twister.

I am so sad to think that I won't be able to get up close and personal with my nature friends. But I don't think I can handle a big lens for my camera. I can barely lift my left arm as it is now with my lightweight digital camera. But thanks for thinking about that, my sweet Brisby. Hugs!

Soooo sorry. Hope you are feeling much better. If not, go back to the doctor. Should respond promptly to the steroids.

Thanks so much @agmoore2! I finally turned the corner today. According to the doctor, I thought the steroids were going to work right away, like you said. Hope you are doing well, my friend.

So glad to hear you are better. Very well here. Careful where you tread. No picture is worth that reaction :)

Thanks again! Happy to hear that you are doing well. I need to stop by your blog and see what you have been up to lately. My picture days are slowing down, especially after this last experience. I have had too many close calls and you are right, it isn't worth it. But that won't stop me from enjoying nature afar and thankfully there are so many amazing photos here on Steemit that I can enjoy. I love being an arm chair traveler. : )

Bwahaha lol 🐾 Oh my goodness great series of shots ❤ @whatisnew!
You just know that is what they are saying! And oh look so busted!! :-)
🐱 🐱

Thanks @shasta! Glad you got a laugh out of these two. Busted for sure! LOL!

But cats are always innocent. 😼
Hope you have a wonderful week! 🤗

Especially these two. LOL!
Thanks Omra! Hope your week is going good for you. : )

Hi @whatisnew,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.

Ha ha ha ha....... ;D

I enjoyed reading the conversation between my two brothers, Ollie and Pachino! Each sentence well explains each photo! Great capture and well done!

And the last photo is really funny! I have a BIG laugh now!!!! Ha ha ha..... ;D

Yay! I made you laugh! Love it when that happens and love you too sis! : )
Thanks for your kind words. Your bothers send you their love. Hugs!

With my pleasure! Love you, too!

Oh! I can feel their love now...... Please give my BIG kisses to them in return. :)

haha! Howdy Butterfly! Those guys look like such good entertainment and those are great photos!

Howdy @janton! They do this every night and I have so much fun watching them. Glad you liked the photos. : )

Howdy today Butterfly! They're great, the photos. And the cats! lol..a great source of entertainment too!