An exciting cat story...

in #dailypetphotography8 months ago (edited)

DSC00026 (3).JPG
A while ago I had some kittens in the house. One of them ventured a walk upstairs and ended up with my white tomcat...
It started like this ...

DSC00022 (3).JPG
Mr. White is taking a nap.

DSC00023 (4).JPG
"Do I hear something suspicious there?!"

DSC00027 (3).JPG
"Well look here who dares to disturb me ... damn it!"

DSC00026 (3).JPG
"You know what? I'll eat that little no-nonsense..."

camera device details : motorola X11771Moto E4plus



Sooo super cute ^^ .. if you ever go on holiday for longer I will take them ;)

Kind proposal! :-)

Hi @nilom,

Thanks so much for partaking in #dailypetphotography! Please follow @dpet for upcoming events.
Our discord channel is up and running, come on over and say hi, lots of avil pet owners are awaiting you there.



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