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Luna seems to love the camera, you can't really blame her as there is always someone trying to get a photo of her. She's such a special little pup we can't resist taking photos of everything she does.

Here she is posing whilst sitting on her grandads knee. You would think she was a little angel but she can be a right little minx.


Look at those gorgeous big eyes and big ears lol how couldn't you fall in love with something so cute.

Thank you son-of-satire

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Woww so cute😍


Thank you. She's adorable :)

She's gorgeous and she knows it lol. They bring us such joy, don't they?


They really do, life would be horrible without them.

She's very sweet looking, and giving you SUCH an attentive look there! And those ears do make her look totally adorable!


And she knows it :)

Dogs are naturally submissive to any creature with higher pack status, human or canine.

She has radar ears! LOL our pup had them too and he never grew into those ears! What can you do with them, except love them to bits!


Her ears just keep getting bigger lol :)

que perro mas hermoso@karenb54

Adorable. She is just too cute and great picture of her.


Thank you :)

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I love Luna's ears. Oh my god, she's so cute. :)


She is and she knows it LOL :)


Ha-ha! 😂

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