Daily Dog Love and Cat Complaints - Bobi the Bad

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Seven years ago,

Our middle child was still a teenager, and we adopted a cat thanks to her persistent pleading. Bobinski paid a price for his freedom from the wire cage at the pound. He was frequently caught up in Claire's arms.

How did it all come to this, and where are my other 8 lives?

Shortly after getting us to bring The Creature into our home, Claire worked as a nanny in Spain for a year, then started college, and never again spent more than a few weeks at a time in the house she grew up in. She's married now with two children.

We still have Bobi the Bad because our youngest declared him her "BFF" and friend-for-life, her consolation prize for being abandonded by her sister.

Thanks, Claire.

Thank you,

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How fun to keep finding more animal photographers to share the love!

I'm not really entering a contest, not after seeing other Steemians offer photos of stunning clarity, color, and quality, but I can't resist sharing our awful cat and our Collie boys, Prince and Bear, because nobody here tells me "Get a life, Carol."

Well, that's all the encouragement I need to keep photographing our boys!


Super cute cat Carol... I get the impression from the tone of the writing that you're not really a cat person ;-)

Cats can be real dicks though. An old Girlfriend of mine had a cat that would urinate in anyone's shoes other than hers. I had to throw away 3 pairs of shoes during that relationship.... it didn't last long. Feline territorial urine campaign of terror lol

Cats are evil, Raj, and scientists say it's because they're more like people than dogs are. Dog = God, spelled backward, after all. Cat are the quintessential narcissist, using charm to manipulate and torment their human slaves. Our youngest, however, hates dogs: big, loud, smelly, and sticking their wet noses in personal places. To each his own. (Off now to laugh at the latest cat video on YouTube...)

Bobi the Bad is so cute! :) Sorry, you still need to keep him for your youngest :D. Claire is so pretty!!

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Bobi the Bad I bet is Good. :-)

Wow beautiful photography nice cat

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Thank you!
Just found your Value of Steem post - ohhh man, no wonder Steemit is turning into a ghost town. I was never here for the money, just the camaraderie, and the upvotes and little contests and small prizes are fun. But I wish I'd cashed out last year - I remember Steem = $14! Then $10, then $5, then $3, then 73 cents. Ouch.

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