Daily Food Photography: Japanese Set Lunch

If you want something light and fast for lunch, Japanese Set Lunch is a good choice. This was what I had with my 3 friends early this month. The food was tasty and fresh.

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Looks amazing, although for me that would be a big lunch, not a light one. I love Japanese food!


I love Japanese food too. The portion that you see is for 4 persons so it is not a large portion. But being a set meal, there are side dishes.

Looking tasty food.I think you like hoteling and this is a healthy habit.These days you are mostly absent from steemit.


I am just transferred to a new job and so there is not much time for me to be here. The food was nice and I had good company.

It looks quite healthy. We have a Japanese restaurant here where I live. Thanks for sharing.


That is why I love Japanese food, it is quite healthy and the portions are not too big.

I love to try new dishes every day at least twice a week. Thank you for this dish I was unaware before your posting. I hope all dishes of Japanese Food delicious and tasty one just like above image. 🙂


It is good to try new dishes once in a while.The lunch was very tasty and the food fresh.

Hi Sir, my fav motivational speaker on steemit. I was waiting for your posts but you posted rarely. I just saw your post in my feed and came. I didn't yet tried Japanese food though I'm also a food blogger.

Your posted pic looks so delicious and appealing to me. I would love to try this one at home. Thanks a bunch for making and introducing this food with us. :)


Thank you for your compliments. I had just transferred to a new job and so now I have less time to post.
So when I am more free, I post small articles like this.
Thank you so much for your support.


all the food looks very tasty. But I'm curious, what's that look like jelly?


Ha, ha. It is actually jelly. There are a lot of side dishes and soup as well.


jajaja....Thank you for clearing up the doubt.

Hey is there Jello there?


One of the side dish is jelly. There are a number of side dishes like miso soup that comes with the main dish.

Woww ..Your lunch brings water in my mouth :) It must be yummy


Yes, it was very yummy. I loved Japanese food very much.

i think Japanese food will be delicious i didn't try it


One of my favorite is Japanese food. Yes it was very delicious.