Lamb shanks braised in balsamic vinegar and red wine 超高水準的紅酒燴羊架 🍷

in #dailyfoodphotography5 years ago (edited)

Grateful to have such cuisine level food served on this weekend, my favourite restaurant recently: Chelsea Garden & Restaurant. A perfect blend of food, garden and wine.

感恩可以在今個週末嘗試到米芝蓮級數的羊架,我最近很愛的餐廳: Chelsea Garden & Restaurant,把食物、花園、酒完美結合!

Address 地址 No. 5-7, 4/F, Kowloon UQ Place, Austin Rd, Hong Kong


nice to meet you! just follow you too~Lamb is my new favourite, even better than the steak I shared before on my blog

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