#Dailyfoodphotography - Fish Fillet


Fried Fish Fillet with Bitter Melon and Black Beans seasoned with Oyster Sauce and Honey. You can taste the sweetness of Honey and bitterness of Bitter Melon

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The food is mouthwatering. 💗
I think it's delicious when you take a bite of the fish fillet.

Yes it is miss,
Ure a newbie here right?
welcome to steemit:-)

Yes, I am a newbie in steemit. Thank you for your warm welcome. Also, thank you for the follow, I recently followed you back. I appreciate it 😊

thank you.
see u around

Miss this kind of dish. rapsa!

marami jan sa baguio,hehe

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WOW! I always watch some cooking tutorials but I haven’t done anything yet. Im hoping to cook aomwthing like this someday :) looks delicious 🤤 i love it!

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Patikim dette.

Have you read about the changes to the #dailyfoodphotography tag? I'll be curating a new contest since @howtostartablog won't be posting compilations anymore. You can read about it here. I'll look for more of your food photos with the tag :)

that's good news @mininthecity
Thanks for continuing what @howtostartablog has started:)